Caster Semenya just won the 800m – again – and set a new personal best on Sunday in London at the 2017 IAAF World Championships final. Ending strides ahead of the rest – of course – she has her fans solidly behind her. Now a three-time 800m World Champion, the Olympic sprinter continues to dominate.

Keeping her world title, Caster’s victory in the women’s 800m was more than just another incredible triumph for the athlete. With a new personal best, Caster set the fastest time of the year so far at 1:55.16 seconds. Burundi’s Francine Niyonsaba secured second place at 1:55.92 and American Ajee Wilson came third.

‘I knew if I could hang on to the last 100m, I could do anything,’ said Semenya about her 800m victory, in which she stayed with the group before leaving them all in her dust.

The gold medallist also won bronze in the longer 1 500m race earlier in the week. Semenya had the following to say about these two races: ‘This was just the beginning. If you are a student and you write an essay, you have an introduction, body and conclusion – so I would say this was just the introduction.’

Caster has us feeling very proudly South African right now. Despite being trolled by irrelevant British bigots, nothing can stop the force that is Caster Semenya or dampen the support of her South African fans. She’s a boss, she’s gold and she just continues to win. Yaaaaaaaassss, Caster!