Forced changes to our habitual Instagram activity never goes down well – note the public reaction to every Insta update to date. There was the time the app controversially updated its logo; the algorithm change that affected who saw our posts; and don’t even get us started on the rumours that our profiles are being changed to a 4×4 photo grid.

The latest change was the removal of the Insta Stories gif feature this weekend – and the internet is not happy.

The relatively new feature allowed users to add funny moving graphics to their Instagram stories, and people were loving it. Removing them, however, made a lot of people very angry – and a lot of Insta stories less interesting.

So why the big change?

Both Instagram and Snapchat removed their Giphy gif feature after an offensive sticker involving a racist slur appeared in the ‘recommended’ section.

Giphy has since explained that the sticker was uploaded due to a bug in its content moderation filters, but both apps removed Giphy from their platforms immediately.

Thankfully it looks like this change is only temporary, with the popular feature set to return in the coming weeks – this time without the offensive stickers, please.

We’ll just keep refreshing our apps until our beloved gifs are restored.

Via Marie Claire UK