Be quiet, Senator Harris is talking.

Kamala Devi Harris is a Democratic senator out of California in the US. She is well versed in politics, prosecution and law-making, having served as the Attorney General of California, the top law-enforcement agent of the state. She was the first black woman to serve as Attorney Gneral of her state, she is Howard University-educated and, more recently, she’s rightfully had enough of Republicans.

Senator Harris made recent news headlines for putting US Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the hot seat with a blazing line of questioning, all of which is related to the Russian involvement in the 2016 US election cycle and resulted in the unprecedented firing of FBI director James Comey. Just for some context, Comey was fired by POTUS Donald Trump and the suspicion is that some unsavoury (see unlawful) requests were made by Trump to Comey to let some things ‘slide’. Comey was hired in 2014 by former POTUS Barack Obama on a 10-year contract to highlight that the FBI is an independent body that will not be swayed or manipulated by politics, not even by the president. However, the FBI director (like any other cabinet member) serves at the pleasure of the president. So now, he’s been fired by the former host of hit reality show The Apprentice.

But enough about Comey and Sessions and other old white/orange men. Senator Harris is a black female junior senator serving on the Intelligence Committee, among others. In other words, Senator Harris is a black woman who always finds herself surrounded by white cis men, and it goes without saying that this is a massive challenge. recently published an article documenting each time she was interrupted by her (white and male) colleagues during her line of questions to Jeff Sessions. In fact, this cut into her five-minute time allocated to each committee member for asking questions. This resulted in her not being able to draw the right answers from Sessions and, ultimately, not being able to do her job.

Make no mistake, though, Senator Harris is here to hold them all accountable. She’s an experienced legislator, has a long history in prosecution and she knows exactly what she’s doing. Good luck to anyone on the receiving end of her questions.