If you found three men gang raping your daughter, what would you do? For the woman who has become known as Lion Mamma it was a life of death situation when she came upon the brutal scene in Qumbu near Queenstown in the Eastern Cape. She jumped in to save her daughter, killing one of the attackers, and leaving another two injured.

She was charged for murder and attempted murder, but after reviewing the case, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) today dropped all charges against her, stating that there was not enough evidence to prosecute her. The news was met with happiness by supporters of Lion Mama at the Lady Frere’s Magistrates Court in the Eastern Cape.


In the early hours of a September morning, Lion Mamma was woken by a call, alerting her to the fact that her daughter was being raped by three men, more than three kilometres away from where she was. According to the Mail & Guardian, she immediately equipped herself with a knife for protection and then called the police. With no answer, and the police services being notoriously incompetent and understaffed in the area, she went to her aid herself. In the struggled that ensued, she stabbed one of the attackers to death, leaving the other two injured.

People, moved by the heroic actions of Lion Mama, have raised money in her support. By mid September, there was already over R50 000 raised for the mother. The other two attackers will still face the law, when they appear in court for charges of rape.