Magazines have always evoked a sense of desire. Leafing through the perfectly curated pages of a fashion editorial inspires an urge to empty your bank account for a pair of shoes, a particular dress, a lust-worthy handbag or, hey, even an entire outfit. We’ve always wanted to buy the things we see in magazines, but it’s been a case of making a note to track down the item in store – until now. We’re closing the loop between the pages and the shops.

Ready to shop?

You’ll see QR codes throughout the pages of the Marie Claire October issue, meaning you can shop our beautifully curated selection of products – styled, tried and tested by our editors and writers – right then and there. We bring you advice from the experts in fashion and beauty, so you can cut the stress of decision-making in front of a packed shelf of products or a rail of clothes, and trust in our curation.

How does it work?

Once you scan the QR code on something you like, it will take you straight to our new online shop, where all the items are available to purchase via e-commerce. The products will be delivered to you by the individual e-tailer (for example Takealot or Superbalist) or retailer.

The benefit? You know that that item was chosen by us. You can shop the freshest, trendiest clothing and the best beauty products launching in SA, all curated by our editorial teams. See it, scan it, shop it.

For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.