A Nasty Boy rose to international acclaim this year by challenging Nigeria’s status quo, under the direction of its editor, Richard ‘Richie’ Akuson. Since its inception, the online magazine has celebrated fashion and culture and the talented individuals that challenge the restrictive societal norms of Nigeria.

A Nasty Boy has now released its Nasty40 – Creative Class of 2018, celebrating visionary creatives in fashion, art, literature and photography. These individuals have contributed to subverting regressive cultural norms, while combatting social issues and injustices. We rounded up some of our favourites from this list, both people that have inspired us over the past year, and some we’ve just been introduced to.

Yagazie Emezi

Yagazie Emezi is a documentary photographer that approaches her craft with subtlety and sensitivity, capturing the beauty and humanity of each subject. The Nigerian-born has had her work exhibited around the world, and has been published by Vogue, Afropunk, New York Times and many others.


Nasty list

Yagazie Emezi, from Nasty40, by A Nasty Boy.

Kyle Weeks

Namibian-born photographer Kyle Weeks has inspired the world with his highly emotive and conceptual photography. Earlier this year Kyle was showcased at the New African Photography II exhibition in New York and cemented his status as an artist.

Nasty list

Kyle Weeks, from Nasty40, by A Nasty Boy.

Ruth Ossai

There are few creatives out there right now quite like Ruth Ossai. Highly conceptual with the ability to execute her vision perfectly, she has become a creative powerhouse. Earlier this year she was the photographer responsible for capturing Kenzo’s incredible Unity Is Strength campaign.


Nasty list

Rush Ossai, from Nasty40, by A Nasty Boy.

Rich Mnisi

Rich Mnisi, has long captured us with his beautiful designs. But this uber-talented South African fashion designer goes beyond fashion when he creates his garments. He explores identity and meaning and culture in his work

Nasty list

Rich Mnisi, from Nasty40, by A Nasty Boy.

Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Creative mastermind Gabrielle Kannemyer is responsible for some of the most impactful campaigns we’ve seen in recent years, bringing to life visual stories for brands like Orange Culture, Lukhanyo Mdingi and Nicholas Coutts.

Nasty list

Gabrielle Kannemeyer, from Nasty40, by A Nasty Boy.


Read more about these and the rest of the creatives on the list at A Nasty Boy. Make sure to check out their stories and dive into a world that celebrates all that’s nasty.