Just when you thought the cast of Disney’s The Lion King remake could not possibly get anymore exciting, Beyoncé stepped on board. And, if we couldn’t wait before, we are dying of excitement now. Featuring an almost all black cast of unbelievably talented individuals, this animated classic is about to take on new life and we are ready for the nostalgia – it’s in good hands. The news was announced yesterday:

With the queen Beyoncé voicing Nala, the cross-industry prodigy Donald Glover voicing Simba, our very own theatre legend John Kani voicing Rafiki, could we have hand-picked a better team to give new life to the childhood treasure that is The Lion King? No. Disney has also taken into account just how attached we are to the original and kept James Earl Jones (from the 1994 animated movie) as the voice of the ever-mighty Mufasa. Also, the hilarious Seth Rogen as Pumbaa – yes.

The new take will be directed by Jon Favreau and promises to be pioneering entertainment. The release date is 19 July 2019. And it doesn’t seem to be Disney’s last new take on classic animated films. With Cinderella, The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast‘s successes, we’re sure to see more.
Just think about the songs, guys!!


An all-star cast if we ever saw one: