Women’s month has been depressing this year, for reasons we won’t remind you of. While the context remains hostile, women continue to do the most an inspire us with their relentless energy and courage. When things are bleak externally, we can turn within for strength, and the #BehindTheseWalls series is exactly that: a deep dive into the personal worlds of young South African women. #BehindTheseWalls seeks to empower women through talking candidly and openly about their lives and identities within their respective fields.

We love the episode of #BehindTheseWalls featuring our fave Neo Baepi, the gifted photographer, DJ and digital guru. In this episode she talks about identity, what it feels like to be South African and her aspirations. You can check out the episode, which will give you a feel for the series, below:


The team are planning 11 episodes of the series, with many already available to view on the channel.  #BehindTheseWalls is possibly the best thing to come out of women’s month this year, so drop what you’re doing and have a look, subscribe and enjoy.

Bongeka Masango, Nwabisa Mda and Thembe Mahlaba are the brains behind Pap Culture. The channel has become known for  addressing issues faced by young South Africans today in a fun way that brings people together. What we love about Pap Culture is the great mix of videos on their channel. Makeup challenges that are so hilarious, you’re likely going to have each one a few times. Sports, television and music trivia, confessional and reaction videos; and many, many others. But they also talk about pressing topical themes, including queer and black issues, and of course #menaretrash.

We have been inspired by these ladies for a while now. We featured the creative and dynamic trio in June, where we spoke Bongeka, Nwabisa, Thembe about how life in South Africa has changed for women from previous generations; and why it’s important to remember the past.