Initially only available to a select few, Twitter’s 280 character limit has been rolled out for mere mortals. Not that we asked for it – let’s be honest we’ve all been crying for an edit button to fix pesky typos. But when has Twitter ever given us what we really want?!

According to the tech company, 9% of tweets in English would hit the character limit so by expanding it, that number went down to 1% – impressive. So you’ll be less likely to spend time editing tweets or ditching your choice words altogether. The 280 character limit proves that tweeting is easier when you have more characters which is a no brainer really.  However double the characters could have been slightly excessive😳 .

Now that we have double the characters to express our random thoughts online, we’re all presented with a great deal of responsibility. We can’t help but think back to when Kanye West passionately sang “…it’s so hard not to act reckless. To whom much is given much is tested.”

It seems we’re not alone in being slightly overwhelmed by the new character limit:

On the other hand, some have been able to embrace their new found Twitter freedom with open arms:

So yes, speak your mind but we’re afraid the early days of this new feature may be more annoying than anything. Some of the tweets we have seen are reminiscent of doing a sound check in an empty stadium, like “is this thing on?”. But once the awkwardness passes, it will feel as though things have always been this way. Here is to more fire (and lengthy) threads on our timelines and responding with an essay when appropriate.