It’s hard to keep track of what our apps can and can’t do, with new features popping up on an almost weekly basis.

From the introduction of Instagram gifs and creepy snap maps to the WhatsApp hack where you can read messages without your friends knowing, there are some truly nifty updates out there.

Well, surprise – it looks like there’s a new WhatsApp update to get your head around, with the latest feature giving power to group admins.

Confused? We’ll talk you through it.

The Facebook-owned messaging service is reportedly pitching a ‘Restricted Groups’ setting, allowing group admins to restrict the members of a group when they see fit.

When a group member is being offensive, spam-y or just plain annoying, the group admin can now silence them, stopping them from sending messages or sharing gifs, pictures, videos and documents.

According to WABetInfo, the new ‘Restricted Groups’ setting can be activated by the group admins only, with the user, once restricted, able to read only the group admin’s messages. The admin will then also have to approve all of the restricted member’s future messages before they appear publicly on the group.

There is a catch though – a group is able to restrict someone only once every 72 hours. If you want to block more group members in that time frame, you probably shouldn’t be in a group with them in the first place.

Basically, all the power is going to the group admins, so make sure your group’s over-sharer isn’t in the driver’s seat.

This could be very useful.

Via Marie Claire UK