Sure, you can dress the part, have amazing ideas and show initiative, but the way you speak can often be your downfall when trying to progress in your career. Here are 10 tips on how to present yourself better at work, and this includes things you should never say again:

1.  Stop saying “Sorry”

Stop apologising for being you, for having ideas and for speaking. So ban phrases like: “Sorry if this is a silly question”.

2.  Don’t undermine yourself

Stop using phrases like ‘I’m no expert’ or ‘Just thinking off the top of my head’.

3. Ban the word ‘just’

You might think the word ‘just’ is a way of not sounding too opinionated or overpowering, but instead it makes you sound defensive and tentative.

4. The same thing goes for ‘actually’

Saying ‘I actually think’ makes you sound surprised that you have a viewpoint.

5. Eliminate uptalk

Raising your voice at the end of a question can make you sound uncertain.  Instead try lowering your voice at the end of sentences or questions.

6. Using the words ‘kind of’ and ‘almost’

Using these words lessrns the impact of what you’re saying.

7. Don’t ask ‘does that make sense?’

Saying this at the end of your statement or speech makes you sound doubtful. Rather say, ‘Do you have any questions?’

8. Rushing your sentences 

When you feel insecure or shy, you tend to rush through what you have to say, or string long sentences together without a break. Use short sentences with pauses so that you can collect your thoughts and have time to breathe. Using these speech techniques will make you more confident and concise.

9. Stop saying  “just a minute”

Don’t apologise for taking up people’s time. If you have something important to say, it’s not a waste of time.

10. Don’t shrink

Body language is everything, and if looks like you don’t want to take up space, nobody will notice you or respect you. So walk tall, sit up straight, make eye contact and be expressive – be noticeable!


Will you be banishing these language habits for good, and get noticed in the office?