Let’s face it – July was unnecessarily long, meaning there was a lot of month left at the end of our money. Now, with our bank accounts recently watered and blooming again, we can live just a little.

I wouldn’t call myself over-indulgent, but I strongly believe in partaking in the finer things in life strictly once (or twice) a month because, well, life is short. As a result, people often ask me where to have their birthdays or farewell dinners and the like. So this weekend I have just three recommendations for the good life:

1. The Greenhouse Restaurant

Location: The Cellars-Hohenort Hotel, Constantia

3 fine didning experiences to try in Cape Town


Anyone who lives in or visits Cape Town should be exposed to this sophisticated dining experience at least once. Okay, so you probably won’t get a reservation for this weekend, but please (I implore you) book sometime this month.

The three-course Lunch Winter Special offers ostrich tartare, salt bake celeriac, truffled quail’s egg, kombu-pickled vegetables, cepe mushroom followed by local cape fish bok choy, sea asparagus, miso onion, soba, crustacean emulsion or braai bokkie coffee carrots, lacquered onion, mushroom and sweetbreads. And to complete the lunch, white chocolate pap raspberry, pistachio, tarragon, guava.

It’ll set you back R395 or R645 with wines, per person, and is available on Friday and Saturday, from noon to 2pm.

I took a friend to this lunch experience a few rainy Saturdays ago and take my word for it, it’s worth every penny plus VAT. Their excellent service is unmatched by any other restaurant I’ve dined at in South Africa and it’s every Instagram enthusiast’s mecca.

*Note: Winter specials are by reservation only, are valid until end of August 2018 and will run alongside the Provenance menu.

I’ve since become a culinary experience snob. . 📷@aphiwekhambs

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How you smile when you own land. 🥂

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2. The 41 Cocktails

Location: Camps Bay

The sun is making more regular appearances in the Mother City than Mos Def in 2016. It therefore only makes sense to make the most of this kind weather by enjoying sundowners and tapas on a Sunday (or on Tuesday afternoons). My favourite cocktail spot is The 41 not only because their mixologist Paul can create a new cocktail on the spot, but also because this is the prime location to enjoy a cocktail at. People travel to Cape Town for Camps Bay sunsets after all.

But sunsets aside, this cocktail menu has something for every palate – from the seasoned sipper whose tastebuds are fit for a gentlemen’s cub membership to the sweet-toothed individual who would probably add sugar to a slushy given the chance. Choose between the classics, Exclusive The 41 cocktails, and The Giants.

See the full menu here.

Dining indoors (and elsewhere in SA), but still want to make it fashionable? Moët & Chandon has something for you.

3. Moët meets Meat

Location: Your kitchen

3 fine dining experiences in Cape Town


3 fine dining experiences to try in Cape Town

Chef Ash Heeger

Rumour has it that leading chefs worldwide are embracing a new food movement which proclaims that Rosé Champagne is ideal for any food pairing, perfect with red meats, cheese and herbs. Sold?

Well then meet Moët Rosé Impérial – a spontaneous, radiant expression of Moët & Chandon style, distinguished by bright fruitiness, a seductive palate and elegant maturity. Guess it’s time to forget about traditional berry, fruit and dessert pairings for now and save that for summer perhaps.

Some inspo for the next time you have guests over:

– Red meat, duck, goose, fresh game

– Fresh goat cheese, mozzarella, mascarpone

– Fresh, red-fleshed fruits

– Fresh herbs and dried herbs

– Black olives, olive oil, red onions

– Pink peppercorns, Szechuan pepper, paprika

– Morels

4. Gemelli Cucina Bar

Location: Bryanston

This one comes highly recommended by Joburgers and it’s definitely on my to-do list for my next Joburg visit. Their food philosophy?

‘It’s not just a place to eat, it’s the experience of dining together, eating from each other’s plates, sharing stringy bites, stealing toppings, sneaking desserts into the kids just before bedtime. Laughing, dining, wining, celebrating, enjoying. It’s about family, first.’

Consider my table at Gemelli booked.

So why not treat yourself to something a little less pedestrian and more first-class this weekend? You have no excuse.