I’ve found it quite challenging to get into the swing of things this year, and I’ve needed to spend more time on introspection than usual. I did a ‘stock-take’ – I compared my life right now to the life I envision. That experience wasn’t entirely comfortable, but it did help me narrow down a few career resolutions to help further my goals for this year.

6 Career Resolutions to Help You Thrive in 2018

1. Avoid gossip

It’s important to remember that, while gossip is a form of information sharing, it’s best avoided, not only because of the impact it has on interpersonal relationships, but because it is a toxic experience for the person doing it. Our words and thoughts hold so much power and have the potential to shift our experience of the world.

2. Speak up

This ties back to using words wisely. If you’re in a situation where you feel you have been treated unfairly, don’t shy away from speaking about it. Set a time to meet with the relevant person and discuss it from a professional place. Legally, there are laws that protect you. You don’t ever have to feel like you’re vulnerable when you know your actions are legally compliant. It’s also better for interpersonal relationships at work to keep communication flowing openly, honestly and professionally. The last thing you want to do is build up a store of grudges or feelings of resentment.

3. Manage upwards

You may have people you report to or a manager whose job it is to manage you, but have you considered managing them? It’s important to know what ticks them off and to go about business in a strategic manner. Ultimately, business is based on tactics. If you can master this, without manipulation, you’re already winning.

4 Practise professional courage

Maybe you have your eye on a job that’s slightly out of your league right now, but you know you’re capable of meeting the requirements in a foreseeable timeframe. What’s stopping you from going after it? Don’t shy away from learning, and embracing new challenges. Bravery and business go hand in hand.

5 Use your time

Sometimes, you’re going to miss a deadline. Sometimes, you’ll meet your deadlines, but miss out on aspects of your personal life. You’re going to wake up some mornings feeling properly run down, despite having gone to bed at a respectable 10pm. The point is, each of us has 24 hours in a day and we need to own the amount of time we spend on the various tasks each day presents. Make sure you honour what is truly important. If, on any given day, resting becomes that thing – so be it. You can’t only work and you certainly can’t only spend your time having fun. Somewhere between the two there must be engagement, enthusiasm or a sense of purpose about the way in which you spend your time.

6 Expand your network

Push your boundaries. If you do a cost-benefit analysis, comfort zones aren’t feasible. It makes sense for you to make a conscious effort to connect with people within your field and those in a variety of other fields. You never know when those relationships can help you – better still, you never know when those relationships may present an opportunity for you to help somebody else.

That’s it, for now! Here’s hoping 2018 is filled with the kind of success and career growth you’re hoping for.

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