This year, Women’s Month brought some powerful messages to the fore. Our opinions matter, we’re stronger than we know and we’re standing up for what we believe in, more so than ever before. Feminism is in the air and it’s frankly refreshing.

Renowned South African artist-designer, Carrol Boyes is a great example of a woman who trail-blazed her way into a male-dominated space and made some serious waves. Today, her iconic brand, Carrol Boyes Functional Art is spearheaded by a team, over half of whom are women. The female workforce in South Africa weighs in at 44%. Carrol Boyes Functional Art has exceeded this total, boasting an impressive 67% women-led staff complement. In the creative industry, that statistic is a rarity.

The following video pays tribute to the women who have helped to raise the bar year after year at Carrol Boyes and allows us to get to know the team a bit better.

Female equality in the workplace is a poignant issue. Real change will only come about with a significant paradigm shift in businesses across the board. With that said, Carrol Boyes Functional Art has always understood the needs of women and encourages study leave, career progression, relocation within the business and equality in remuneration.

Let carry the Women’s Month momentum forward: let’s strive to empower women every day.

For more information, visit or connect with Carrol Boyes on social media:

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Instagram: @carrolboyesofficial

This post was sponsored by Carrol Boyes.

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