From the author of one of the most acclaimed books of the 90s, The God of Small Things, comes The Ministry of Utmost Happiness which was been a decade-long project for Arundhati Roy. She explores themes of gender, identity, family and love in this moving novel, which is set in the Indian subcontinent. This marks 20 years since Roy has released a novel; this long wait has been worthwhile as we’re sure The Ministry of Utmost Happiness will also become a much-loved classic and undoubtedly a bookshelf staple.

The book has been highly anticipated but fans of Roy’s first novel can expect something a little different than what was offered in the pages of The God of Small Things. This time, Roy uses her book to share the space with many more narratives and points of view; as we are introduced to different people from all walks of life. Although the book has been criticised for the disjointed way in which it’s presented; there is still a magical quality in the writing of this book.

At the Booker Prize in 1997, Arundhati was honoured for her book The God of Small Things . Photo credit Rexfeatures

Arundhati was born in 1961 in India. In 1992 she began writing her debut novel The God of Small Things; which was met with widespread acclaim and earned her the coveted Booker Prize in 1997. We featured The Ministry of Utmost Happiness (published by Penguin Books) in the June edition of Marie Claire with the gorgeous Julia Roberts as our cover star. Grab your copy, on shelves now!