After a recent trip to Senegal, we have been inspired and moved by the creative scene of the country. Although the list could go on forever, we rounded up our five favourite Senegalese creatives.

1. Art: Alexis Peskine

Forget paintbrushes, pencils and canvas… Alexis Peskine uses an array of unusual tools to create stunning works of art. With small hammers, nails and gold leaf, Alexis uses what he calls ‘accu-painting’ to bring to life these moving portraits, which are inspired by his Senegalese heritage.

2. Photography: Omar Victor Diop

Part photographer, part storyteller, Omar Victor Diop is one of the most prominent young creatives in Senegal today. His work has consistently been driven by strong cultural narratives, as was the case in his acclaimed series Onomollywood, which recreates classic Hollywood scenes, reimagined in Senegalese settings.

3. Fashion: Selly Raby Kane

Selly Raby Kane pushes the boundaries of visual norms, to create fashion that is innovative and fresh. We’re inspired by the fusion of different influences in her work, especially the interesting intersection between Africa and science fiction.

4. Music: Ibaaku

This is Ibaaku, the musician and producer that will transport you to unheard-of sounds and beats. And as much as he is a master of sounds, his work is always a visual feast too.


5. Film: Alain Gomis

Alain Gomis directed the highly acclaimed film Felicité, which tells the story of a nightclub singer who struggles to scrape together the funds to pay for her son’s hospital treatment after he’s been in an accident. The film was awarded the Golden Stallion Award at the Pan-African Film and Television Festival, and also scooped up the Silver Bear Jury Prize at the Berlin Film Festival.



We recently visited Senegal and discovered much of the country’s magnificent city and country life. We were most inspired by the incredibly friendly and vibrant Senegalese people. You can read all about our adventures in Senegal in the March issue of Marie Claire.