With the array of great television on offer these days, it can be hard to foresee which ones are worth your precious couch time. So we’ve trawled through the reviews for you to come up with a list of shows that will be generating the most dinner table conversation this year.

Agent Carter  (Jan 6)

Agent Carter is the much anticipated TV adaptation of the Marvel comic which picks up where the last Captain America movie left off. But don’t let the boyish superhero connotations put you off – the series is the first Marvel has ever produced with a female protagonist (played by Hayley Atwell) and does an excellent job of marrying ’40’s glamour with action-packed scenes. Think retro gadgets, glitzy disguises and jazzy settings.

tv shows 2015 agent-carter

American Horror Story: Freakshow (Jan 7)

AHS Freakshow returns as creepy as always with the exciting addition of Neil Patrick Harris as Chester, the magician. We hear that the season ends with him performing a gruesome magic trick and the indomitable Jessica Lange sans legs… Our verdict? You’d be a fool to miss out.

tv shows 2015 ahs freakshow

Girls Season 4  (Jan 11)

As avid Girls fans we’ve been waiting anxiously to see what the new season entails as Hannah goes back to college in Iowa, separated from Adam and her friends. And, after the seeing the trailer below we have even more questions, like why is Jessa going to jail? And why is she hanging out with Adam? At the same time, we’re glad to see some things haven’t changed, like Soshanna’s crazy outfits.

How to Get Away with Murder  (Jan 29)

After a huge cliff-hanger ending (remember the ominous Viola Davis sitting in the dark?), How to Get Away With Murder returns to hopefully, finally (gah!) give us some resolution about the murder of Annalise’s husband. Shonda Rhimes fans are in for some marathon TV-watching as Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy also return.

tv shows 2015 how to get away with murder

House of Cards Season 3 (Feb 27)

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are predicted to sweep up awards at the Golden Globes this weekend (Sunday, 11 January) and we have full faith that the third season of House of Cards will be just as, if not more, gripping than the past season as Francis Underwood wreaks havoc in the presidency.

tv shows 2015 house of cards

Better Call Saul  (Feb 8)

Fans of Breaking Bad who’ve been suffering withdrawal symptoms since the final season came to end a year ago will be relieved to hear that Better Call Saul might ease the pain somewhat. The series is a prequel to Breaking Bad, centred on the dodgy lawyer played by Bob Odenkirk in the original series. While Walter White and Jesse Pinkman won’t be making an appearance, we’re hoping that Better Call Saul offers a story that is equally addictive.

Breaking Bad (Season 4)

Wolf Hall (April 8)

Based on Hilary Mantel’s acclaimed novel, Wolf Hall transports us into the time of King Henry VIII with an intriguing story told from the perspective of the king’s advisor (played by Tony award-winning Mark Rylance). If you love a good period drama or the politically-charged action of Game of Thrones, Wolf Hall is a must-see.

tv shows 2015 wolf hall