The beauty of our current day and age is our access to knowledge. Undeniably, there are those that are left on the periphery of information, communication and technology; but for many, the world is now at their fingertips. For the most part, the internet is to thank for this. But with the internet came a rude awakening. It made very clear what most of us had always known: that our society at its core is deeply racist, sexist, classist; and sadly, the list goes on and on. In 2013, UN Women launched a powerful campaign using real Google searches to illustrate the scope of sexism in our society. Similarly, two academics from Ireland found that the internet had a lot to say about women; particularly about them being boring. In response to an actual hashtag #womenareboring, Catherine Connolly and Grace McDermott started a project by the same name as a way to reclaim women’s knowledge and representation from the internet. Now, just under a year later, the Women Are Boring website is filled with thought-provoking research done by women, in every field from arts and politics, to science and technology. You say women are boring? These women are changing the internet’s perspective.

As well as becoming an authority on many fields of research, the project also invites women in research to reflect on their own experiences in life and academia. ‘It’s a real struggle to remember that I am good at what I do, that my research matters, is original, will be a benefit to those who read it in the future,’ says Eve Kearney in Reflections on the site, speaking about her experience as a PhD student. The soon-to-be Dr. Kearney and the other contributors, create an engaging space for like-minded women. We couldn’t say it any better than their site: fascinating research by interesting women.