Long, bright summer days might be coming to an end, but our March issue is packed with enough beauty, fashion and fascinating reads to lift your spirits and have you welcoming autumn like a long-lost friend.

Fashion, fashion and more fashion

Navy, 80s, khaki, trainers – who doesn’t love to indulge in them all? No one, that’s who. Autumn’s fashion must-haves are given special attention in our trends pages. And spread across six beautiful pages is the best thing about winter wardrobes: jackets, jackets and more jackets.

Ian Engelbrecht

Beauty can be hard work

Thats why we make it easy for you. Marie Claire‘s beauty eds pick 10 of the (very) best products to include in your beauty regime – from smoother legs and bikini lines to plump, luscious lips, we have you covered. Then, celebrity make-up artists share their most treasured tips on making their stars red-carpet ready. If you’ve ever wondered before how Karlie Kloss’s cheeks look so perfectly chiselled or J-Lo always has that perfect glow, we have the answers.

Reeling in style

Remember Stage Fright? Maybe not. What about Foxy Brown? No? Well then surely The Seven Year Itch, Annie Hall, Grease, Pretty Women and Clueless all ring a bell. Not only are these some of the most iconic movies ever made, they also have documented within them the history of fashion as we know it. If you appreciate cinema and fashion, then this article is definitely for you.

grease movie fashion

Rex Features

Natalie Portman

Enough said. But I’ll go on: she’s not only our beautiful cover star but this year she’s up for her third Oscar nomination and potential second win for her role as Jackie O in the much anticipated film Jackie.

You will learn that South Africa’s best movies are all thanks to women

We interview the leading ladies of film, who take us through the ins and outs of South Africa’s ever-growing movie industry. Terry Pheto shares with us what acting means to her, while Gaopie Kabe challenges the stereotype that cinematography is male’s work.

Sister sweethearts

The controversial and famous Khumalo sisters open up about their lives in the limelight, reality TV and their roles in the music industry when Zandi interviews Kelly in what is a tongue-in-cheek and honest read.

The alphabet you’ve always known is wrong

Instead, re-learn fashion’s A – Z of all the most important, iconic and absolutely essential looks straight off the catwalk.

If you don’t watch, read or listen to What’s Hot This Month…

then you don’t know anything.


The stars of local TV show ‘Lockdown’ (Mnet)

Hollywood is calling

LA local Karen Briner hops on a train and takes us through the City of Angels, telling us where all the sweet spots are to eat, play and shop – and where to bump into celebrities (just sayin’).

Even Annie Leibovitz was an amateur before she became one of the most celebrated photographers of our age

Read her story and you will be inspired to keep posting those pics to Instagram while saving to buy a real camera.