As we shift away from the cold into warmer weather, it seems the attitudes of society are following the same movement with regards to body confidence. More and more, we are seeing people who accept their bodies, from the short, stubby legs, to chubby tummies and stretch marks that go along with being human. Walking away from those perfectly symmetrical bodies with not a single sign of ageing, we can now feel a little more comfortable in our own skin, without comparing ourselves to unrealistic beauty standards.

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But this shift has, unfortunately, not come as naturally as it should. We’ve struggled through years of the same old lines: ‘You have to have abs to flaunt a bikini,’ and ‘Maybe you should try a straightening iron to get rid of your frizz’. Nowadays, however, streets are filled with unique style and nonchalant looks. And we love it. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite Instagram accounts that boost a sense of happiness and comfort, and they are:

1. Focus on your favourite part of your body – A lesson by Stacey Baker and the legs of her many followers


40th between 7th & 8th, @sj__art

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  2. Embrace your tattoos, piercings and colourful hair – And boast your beauty on this account

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3. Love the skin you’re in: Like former participant on America’s Next Top Model who has made it as an international model despite having a chronic skin condition called vitiligo 

can’t Wait to show u guys all my makeup maneuvers…

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    4. Don’t allow crazy beauty standards to get you down! Find the humour in beauty stereotypes shared by this uplifting account 

You’re so effed up for making me do this. #HonorMyCurves #ASmileForWednesday A photo posted by I am Honor Curves // (@honorcurves) on

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5. Join the thousands of women who also (shocker!) have stretch marks and choose to accept them

  6. Surround yourself with people who you can relate to: Following this account is a good start

7. Follow your dreams of becoming a model, even if you’re not a size 0: If  the curvy Tess Holliday can do it, you can too!

Shot for @theuntitledmagazine #GirlPower issue in stores now ✌️ This is my body with very minimal photoshop, but make no mistake that I think photoshop is an essential part of my industry. When I first started modeling I wasn’t as comfortable with my arms or tummy but now, I love all of it ! Most of the images you see daily in the media, magazines, etc have been photoshopped & you would have no idea. I don’t believe in using it to distort someone’s body or make them slimmer, but to smooth lines in clothes, or amping up the colors.. Hell yes! Have any of you ever used a filter on Instagram? *gasp!* Thats the same thing. As a model I have ZERO control over how a photo is edited or the final result but work with the best in the industry & stand by my work So yes, you can #effyourbeautystandards by using photoshop, makeup & a wind machine. At the end of the day, I’m doing the impossible by even being a model in the body I’m in. It’s about being unapologetically YOU.. Whatever that means @indiracesarine

A photo posted by ➕Size Model | Mom | Feminist (@tessholliday) on

  8. Remember that exercising doesn’t have to involve crowded gyms, enjoy adventure outdoors like blogger and designer Nadia Aboulhosn does

9. Sometimes dressing up and going out is a good way to build your confidence: Candice Huffine shows us how it’s done

  10. Embrace the new stages of your life and the body changes that come along with them: Sports Illustrated model Robyn Lawley shares her new mommy body 

#tigerstripes #loveyourbodynow read about this photo via my FB link in bio and why it means so much to me A photo posted by Robyn Lawley (@robynlawley1) on


11. Take a peek into the lives of celebrities as Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins shares tips on eating healthy and staying fit:

Football Sunday & Sunday brunch JJ style! ❤️ 2 #OrganicEggs Over Medium, organic #BabyBroccoli one half of #Ezekiel Raisin English Muffin with all organic fruit jam, #OrganicBacon Organic Mixed Greens with balsamic dressing & one of my favorite #GreenSmoothies (Spinach, Orange,Strawberry, Ice & Water) ❤️Yummy! I’m saving the smoothie for a snack later because I’m full! It looks like a lot of food but it’s HIGH #Nutrient Value & #LowCalorie ❤️ Plate of #Eggs Bacon #BabyBroccoli and #Ezekiel is 300calories #GreenSmoothie is 90calories & #SideSalad is 50calories.❤️If you need help planning healthy meals then join our club @hollywoodtrainerclub and we provide you with weekly #HealthyMealPlans with all of my favorite recipes! Yummy! Yummy! #HealthIsWealth #FootballSunday #SundayBrunch #HealthyLiving #JeanetteJenkins #NutritionTips #TheHollywoodTrainerClub A photo posted by Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins) on

  12. Yoga is a good way to exercise and meditate about loving your body: We love the way Rachel Brathren does it  

  We are tiny particles of dust in an inconceivably large universe. #perspective   A photo posted by Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) on

 13. Strong is the new sexy as seen on this account – follow the leader, or rather, the Litha

  14. Master trainer Lyzabeth Lopez shares simple exercises for keeping an hourglass figure toned  

 15. Dawn Estelle shows us how to be healthy and happy (the natural way) while loving our bodies


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