Your home, which should be a safe haven and a place where you can relax and rest your head after a long day, may be an attractive target to thieves.

The South African Police Service released statistics of 22 343 reported incidents of house burglaries in 2017. But rest assured, you do not have to spend a fortune to secure your home.

Here are some home safety hacks:

1. Install a fake CCTV camera

Security cameras can cost an arm and a leg. If you don’t have the money to install these, don’t let it stop you from looking as though you have security cameras around your home. By creating this illusion, burglars may choose a softer target.

2. Don’t advertise

You never know who watches your home when you’re not around. Make sure that valuables are kept out of sight. Also, refrain from leaving desirable items such as cell phones, laptops and TVs close to open windows.

3. Make it appear as if someone is home

House burglaries are most likely to occur at night, so when you’re going to be away from home, keep a few lights on. You could also switch on the TV or a radio so that potential intruders will think that there are people present.

4. Have an alarm installed

An alarm system has many benefits. If you are connected to a security company, a guard will check up on you and your home if you alert them to anything out of the ordinary. Your security company will also call you so that you can take appropriate action if your alarm is triggered. Silent panic buttons for all family members will make it possible to call for help should they encounter any problems while they’re at home.

5. Get a deadbolt lock

If you can’t afford an alarm system or if you want added protection, get deadbolt locks for the exterior doors of your home. A deadbolt has a steel bolt which extends into the door frame and is one of the most effective and least expensive precautions you can take. Burglars generally want to enter and leave your home as quickly as possible, so a deterrent such as this will slow them down and they may fear getting caught in the act and just move on.

Lastly, familiarise yourself with the critical steps to take after a break-in to make sure your insurance claims process goes smoothly. If you do not have reliable, affordable home insurance, get an online insurance quote today and enjoy comprehensive cover and the peace of mind that your precious possessions are protected.