Find out what the stars have in store for you this month…

(21 Mar – 20 Apr)
It’s time you learned that sometimes less is more. Your natural inclination is to throw everything at something you want. But this month, if you can find the strength to control your exuberance, events will evolve organically. Victory will be yours before you know it.

(21 Apr – 21 May)
One of the side effects of having your ruler Venus in your sign this month is that you’re endowed with extra allure and charisma. It weaves its magic by encouraging your generosity and kindness. As you’re more altruistic, others can’t seem to get enough of your company. 

(22 May – 22 Jun)
They’re coming for you – those who care about you, who have your best interests at heart; your earthly guardian angels. They’ve noticed that you’re struggling and that you need help. No matter what, there will be both physical and ethereal support on hand. 

(23 Jun – 23 Jul)
There’s something seductive about the idea of fate, about events being beyond your control. But does this narrative really empower you to live your life with purpose? Stand up and choose the destiny that’s right for you. This month you have the power to start a positive revolution. 

(24 Jul – 23 Aug)
You may feel that you’re not making progress, but the truth is that you’re simply too involved in a situation to see the bigger picture. Though your journey may be slower than you’d like, it’s unstoppable. This month, you will reach a milestone that brings you even closer to your goal. 

(24 Aug –  23 Sep)
Some people happily trample over ethical and moral conundrums in their quest for an easy life. People who take implacable moral positions are just as difficult to handle. The ability to walk the middle line is an under-appreciated skill. As you tackle a tricky situation this month, the key will lie in finding sympathy for another’s viewpoint. 

(24 Sep – 23 Oct)
It’s time to trust your abilities and commit to a feeling. While you’re not used to making emotional decisions, they’re more profound. An idea will emerge and prove you right. 

(24 Oct – 22 Nov)
You exude confidence that infects everyone in your orbit at this time. First, though, Mars brings clear analysis to enable you to make decisions to power your life forward. This positivity will stay around long enough for you to find a solution to an extended difficulty. 

(23 Nov – 21 Dec)
Don’t blame your financial situation for your morally ambiguous choices. You need to make compromises but, if you abandon your principles in pursuit of pleasure, the experience will ring hollow. No matter how stretched you may feel this month, doing the right thing will ultimately be the most rewarding. 

(22 Dec – 20 Jan)
You’re feeling under pressure to get through a lot in a short time. Here’s an idea: grab your lengthy to-do list, take a thick pen and strike through everything that isn’t urgent or necessary. It might feel alarming, but Jupiter’s link with Pluto in your sign is giving you the power to take control. 

(21 Jan – 19 Feb)
You’ve got three choices. You can struggle on, feeling disillusioned. You can convince yourself it’s all in your imagination. Or, you can start a revolution. Trudging on is easy. So is burying your head in the sand. But standing up to demand tangible change is tricky. Luckily, you have powerful potential this month. Use it.

(20 Feb – 20 Mar)
Earlier this year, we talked about your power to make a difference for the greater good. You’re on the right path, and this transformational journey will take time. Don’t be so focused on what’s not yet accomplished that you can’t enjoy the progress you’re making. 


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