As life is still very confusing you are probably veering between eagerness to get on with everything and feeling powerless because of other influences… Also you feel you can’t really trust anyone at the moment – the Mars/Neptune opposition is moving on so wait just a couple more days…


Try not to be overly competitive with colleagues, your family or friends – they could retaliate and a friendly match could turn into a war zone… Diplomacy seems to be hard to come by! Exciting news?  Moving into new office space or even a new house is possible…


Today is all about using your charm, opening your mind to different ways of dealing with difficult situations and avoiding fights or arguments with anyone or everyone…  You might want to impose your will on to everyone but this just isn’t the day to start…


You might think you have all the answers, but the situation is far more complex than you first thought so before you make any waves, open your mind to other possibilities so that you can find common ground with your colleagues.  At least it would be a viable starting point.


As everyone is a bit nervous, over-sensitive and tense this really isn’t the time to make witty comments or clever remarks which could upset them…  Your finances and other important issues need your attention – follow your inspired intuition.


You could be feeling even more vulnerable than usual but as you can’t always rely on other helping you achieve as you project an air of helplessness…  This means that no matter what is going on you need to remain positive and get on with your work.  Just ignore negative comments…


Neptune is still in difficult aspect to your personal planet making life a little more difficult than usual.  Plan and work out exactly what you need before rush ahead with any project or scheme – this way you’ll achieve more, save time and money.  Boring but necessary!


Be very wary of people who come into your life at the moment with offers of help – you’ll probably find they are taking total advantage of you and your generosity…  In fact don’t be persuaded to do anything you could later regret whether at home, at work or with your friends.


The information you are getting about your ambitions, goals or career might not be real or trustworthy no matter who is giving it or where you are obtaining it…  Don’t make decisions for a few days when everything will be clearer.  Just remain your usual upbeat and positive self.


As you rush around enjoying all the new experiences, meeting new people and working on new schemes, be careful not to misplace your idealism or try to do too much at once.  You need a constructive plan of action before working slowly and methodically to achieve your aims.


Relax, bring back your joy of life and positivity as the Mars/Neptune opposition is about to move on!  Your latest plans and schemes will start to work, your finances will improve and you’ll be able to sort out any misunderstandings…


Don’t rush to take any action today as you still can’t totally trust what you read, what others are saying or what comes over the net.  Just stay positive and upbeat as over the next few days everything will become clearer and you’ll know exactly what action to take.