Your personal magnetism, your energy, enthusiasm are at an all-time high – use them to take your career, your financial prospects and any joint ventures and partnerships to the next level. You can’t help but succeed at the moment…


With nothing to stop you from achieving all your dreams, ambitions, why are you waiting? Your intuition is strong so let it guide you – just be yourself, accept and embrace the new ideas and everyone will accept whatever you decide.


Just because you are ready for a new adventure, a new scheme, a new exciting plan of action, it doesn’t mean that everyone else will understand. Be ready to explain your position in detail so they are on the same page – and give their support.


Be passionate and enthusiastic about everything but do explain to everyone what you want to do rather than just rushing ahead and upsetting them. Your career will then take off in a new and extremely creative way – there’ll be no cap on the rewards…


The planets are bringing many new opportunities to take your career and other dreams and ambitions in a totally different direction. The more enthusiastic and passionate you are about your new chosen path, the greater the success. You just have to be open to it all…


Your sweet femininity hides your passion, energy and volatility – but now is the time to use these energies to transform your home and business life and make them exactly what you want them to be… Don’t limit yourself in any way – keep an open mind to every possibility.


Financial matters, joint ventures, marriage and partnerships can all be transformed now so that your life moves in whatever direction you want… You are passionate, deep, a little obsessive but dynamic and can achieve anything now so don’t wait – just remember the magic word ‘diplomacy’!


Freedom is calling once more and with your energy, passion and enthusiasm, who knows where you’ll end up? You just have to finish your work, tie up loose ends, discuss with your loved ones before you buy your ticket…


Even if you’ve been happily in the same house or job for years, this sudden need for freedom and change could upset everyone around you! It’s time to use your fiery spirit to follow your dreams. Discuss with those closest to you if you want their approval – they could easily join you!


You have some great ideas for adventure, fun and taking off into the unknown – or changing your current domestic scene for one which suits your present needs. Don’t keep these ideas to yourself – share them with your partner and family. You’ll be surprised at how well they agree!


You’ll become really frustrated if you keep your interesting ideas to yourself – be open, show your family and colleagues just how passionate and energetic you are and they’ll be only to eager to help you achieve whatever goals you have…


Itchy feet? Discuss your latest ideas with the interested parties in your most convincing, passionate and dynamic way possible so that they are also fired with enthusiasm – and ready to join you on your next adventure!