Venus is helping you be more committed to those closest to you, and with the courage to let others go. However as Mercury has moved back into Capricorn make sure you don’t react without thought – but then regret your actions later.  Go for the stylish uncluttered look today.


So retrograde Mercury has moved back into Capricorn – it doesn’t mean you can wallow in self-pity or re-play sad situations over and over like watching an old movie…Get your act together and move on – what you do now impacts on your future… Style?  Free thinking creativity is needed.


Clever and witty, this is the right time to use your highly innovative ideas – though it’ll be much easier if you do some planning first.  Everyone will be inspired by your resourcefulness so organize meetings and group discussions.  Dress to show you mean business…


Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn is making you think far more carefully before making any decisions, so don’t worry – you aren’t slowing up! Plan and organise as much as possible to make everything you do far more effective – check and re-check all the small detail. Style? Whatever’s comfortable…


Try not to exaggerate or elaborate too much on your already great creative ideas.  Promoting inspired co-operation and interaction between you and your partner will bring huge rewards to any joint venture. Remember there’s more to life than materialism.


Retrograde Mercury moves into Capricorn, urging you to use your huge energy and enthusiasm to investigate and research everything you do before you make any decisions or commitments.  It’s vital you stay relaxed so show love and co-operation with everyone around.


Use your artistic and creative talents at work and in your home – think inspired romance…  This is the perfect weekend for socializing, inviting friends and family home or going on holiday together.  Let your imagination run free…


Property transactions, domestic issues and family matters are all taking your time so think very carefully in a very analytical way before making any decisions.  Of course everyone will have an opinion – just listen without over-reacting! Dress to show you are in charge…


As your personal planet retrogrades back into Capricorn, you become far more stubborn and intractable than usual.  Even when swamped with information and ideas, you know what you want to do and aren’t going to change position… Chicness is your style – keep to it.


The good news of Mercury retrograding back into Capricorn is that your intuition is stronger than usual – but you could burst into tears for no apparent reason.  Luckily your family will be there to support you – and bring you flowers to make you feel better again…


Full of energy, you are ready to take on as many different projects and schemes as you can think up – but will probably not finish any of them…  The problem with this is that it will cost you money to get someone in to finish the jobs – watch your cents? Dress?  Change as often as your mood…


It’ll probably be difficult to make financial decisions today – look at all the different sides and options, consider past actions both good and bad, as when you finally do decide, you won’t want to change your mind. To suit your mood, dress today in a less flamboyant way than usual.