As Venus moves into Virgo, don’t demand perfection in close relationships – rather let your intuition tell you how much freedom you need to give your partner (and yourself). The Sun’s move into Libra this week encourages you to work on your self-esteem. If you feel smothered, now is the time to consider letting your guy go. The Virgo New Moon wants you to make healthy life choices – but this is difficult with Neptune muddying the waters.

The New Moon and Venus in Virgo make you worry about your health and fitness, and increase your need for perfection in relationships. Don’t go wild – a healthy diet, moderate exercise and an organised workspace should do it. The Sun moving into Libra urges you to check your financial goals to get back on track. Indecision in love brings confusion and conflict – take a step back until you’re sure of what you want.

The New Moon and Venus moving into Virgo suggest you could have a secret liaison, keeping your latest beau under wraps for the moment. As the Sun moves into your own sign this week, take time to assess what you want from life – and get motivated to become the dynamic, successful woman you are. Remember: Libra women have a backbone of steel, along with outer and inner beauty. This is your time to shine!

The New Moon and Venus are both in Virgo, encouraging you to prioritise your own happiness and goals. Ask yourself where you fit in the lives of those around you, and promote cooperation and harmony. This is also a great time to join business and social groups – they could help you achieve your goals. The Sun moves into Libra, bringing even more inner strength and determination.

Expect to be in the public eye as both the New Moon and Venus are in Virgo. Be practical, look your best and show yourself off to boost your your long-term goals. Don’t let small setbacks make you worry – you’re more than capable of sorting everything out to your demanding satisfaction. As the Sun moves into Libra, you’ll get recognition and perhaps a financial reward for your hard work. Love? Think friendship first.

Your mind could turn to holiday travel, business ventures in a foreign country and furthering your education. There are so many possibilities, it’s difficult to know which one to go for. The New Moon tells you to promote yourself – not just in business but in your romantic life too. After the recent intensity in your love life, you should be more pragmatic – but listen closely to hear what your guy is really saying.

Joint ventures and common goals become more important as the New Moon and Venus are both in Virgo. Your highly sexual love life becomes a little more intense, with your guy wanting more commitment, and you worrying that the relationship is not perfect. But is anything, really? As the Sun moves into Libra, it’ll be much easier to find the balance between enjoying the present and working towards your future.

A marriage proposal could be on the cards as the New Moon and Venus are both in your love sign, along with the Sun, Mars and Mercury. A deeper commitment at this time should be very lucky in every respect. Singles could also meet someone very exciting. Your finances will become easier to handle as the Sun moves into Libra on Saturday – concentrate on your loans, and ensure you pay your debts.

As the New Moon and Venus move into Virgo, you could become absorbed by your health and fitness levels. Eat healthily and exercise responsibly – but avoid becoming obsessed with bodily perfection. Direct some of your energy towards work and your daily routine by establishing sensible priorities. As the Sun moves into Libra, you’ll relax and enjoy all your relationships; love will flourish and fun will return to your life.

The New Moon and Venus both now in Virgo signal the start of an even more creative, romantic time for you. As the Sun moves into Libra, that load of work still to get through will be accomplished with ease. Love and romance flourish – but, singles, you could be quite fertile so take extra precaution! Your self-esteem and belief that you can do anything and everything is strengthened now too – so enrol in that art class, music or dance studio – or find that perfect guy on line.

Venus and the New Moon are emphasising domestic issues – a need to start looking at property deals and renovations. Family matters will be sorted with ease as everyone seems ready to cooperate and find agreeable solutions to dramas. Romance should be far more fun too when the Sun makes its move into Libra on Saturday. Make a plan to socialise with your guy this weekend.

The New Moon in Virgo is stimulating – your mind races in many directions, from exciting business ideas to buying a car and organising a family reunion. You’ll need all your sense of humour to deal with everything that’s going on without burning out. The Sun makes its move into Libra, putting the focus on your domestic scene; there could easily be some changes going on here too.

The focus on your finances, values and possessions is emphasised by the New Moon and Venus moving into Virgo. Look at how you earn money to see whether this still fulfils your ambitions. Luxury items are important to you – but don’t blow money on expensive stuff just to boost your feelings of security. The Sun’s move into Libra makes it easier to exchange ideas, learn new skills and boost your self-esteem.

Via Cosmopolitan SA