Hands up if you’ve ever felt personally victimised by the bad traits section of your sun sign. Likewise, if you’ve ever attributed someone’s shitty attitude or generosity to their star sign, or if ‘It’s because he’s a Scorpio’ is a perfectly logical explanation for the guy you’re seeing’s mysterious behaviour. Now, hands up if you think it’s all BS and his penchant for shadiness is not pre-determined by the planets (he just sucks).

While some people who believe in astrology do so to the extent that they incorporate their daily readings into their everyday life decisions, on the other hand there are many of us who really, really don’t believe it at all.

The Gen Z and Millennial generations get teased for our pre-occupation of anything Zodiac. Contrary to our efforts to move beyond restricting labels (and our predilection for headstrong individualism), 58% of millennials aged 18-24 believe in astrology. While our interest in astrology is increasing, and horoscope haters continue to decrease, the fire with which we debate the legitimacy of the science remains lit. Though the truth is, either way you probably know your sun sign (9/10 people do).

These Reddit users (ie a random sample of people on the internet) shared why they do and do not believe


1. ‘It works for me’

‘I feel like “believe” is a strong word. For me it’s just like the changing of the seasons. Fall is pumpkin spice madness, Mercury retrograde is communication problems, that kind of thing. It’s really just patterns. I don’t know that it works for everyone, but it does for me. And my birth chart was pretty damn spot-on, and not like one of those vague newspaper horoscopes that everyone can find something accurate in.’ – user labellecomma via reddit

2. ‘I don’t follow it that much, but I do believe I fit it well’

‘Gemini… I don’t follow it that much, but I do believe I fit it well. Having a temper, flipping between moods constantly, very talkative, unorganized, superficial, and like to learn about different things.’ – user gmnap  via reddit


3. Aquarians holla

‘To be honest….it’s pretty accurate for me. I’m a Libra through and through. Indecisive, hopeless romantic, pacificist, all about fairness and equity, and just afraid of being alone. Soooooo if there is any Aquarius out there who believes in the compatibility of Libra and Aquarius, hit me up hahaha.’ – user Samstone13 via reddit

4. ‘It’s ridiculous to completely rule [it] out’

‘My mom and her friends have all gone to the same astrologer since they were in college together so I started off in an environment that didn’t write it off as something stupid. And as I got older I figured it’s ridiculous to completely rule out that the universe in its vastness has nothing to do with us/our environment.’ – user SarMarch via reddit

5. ‘It makes sense out of this crazy world’

‘My mom is really into it. I think it’s like religion you know? Gives you something to hang on to to make sense out of this crazy world. I don’t find it any crazier than god.’ – user AntTheMighty via reddit



6. Depends

‘I think there’s a lot of garbage information about [sic] there about astrology and while a lot of the stuff about predicting your future is complete bullshit, I can tell you that natal astrology (birth charts) can produce an extremely accurate map of a person’s psyche.’ – anonymous via reddit


7. ‘Just vague enough and general enough to suit anyone’

‘Horoscopes are made in such a way that they work like cold readings. Just vague enough and general enough to suit anyone and encourages you to fill in the holes yourself to make it more personal and detailed. So likely anyone could claim they’ve had an experience where it was “correct”, just because they can suit nearly any situation.

They’re fun to mess with though. I had a little love horoscope booklet when I was in middle school that I’d look at to see how suitable I was with any crush I had. It’s what introduced me to psychological profiling in general and the science and pseudoscience surrounding it.’ – via this post


8. Coincidence

‘I sometimes watch the horoscope on TV in the morning because it’s before the news. I had a few cases where they came true, but I believe those to be coincidences.’ – anonymous via reddit

9. ‘Unfortunately, I’m a cynical, skeptical bastard’

‘I’m on the cusp of Taurus and Aries, so i get to double delude myself into thinking that I match the bs! Whatever seems to match me from either sign must be true while that which doesn’t is because I’m on the cusp. Unfortunately, I’m a cynical, skeptical bastard, so I don’t get to have any fun with it. That’s so Aries of me though.’ –  via this user

10. ‘I don’t like to be defined’

‘I don’t believe in it because I don’t like to be defined by what others have written. but sometimes, very rarely, I’d read it and think “hey, that’s actually kinda like me”‘ –  user MadDogLemon via Reddit