At first look it seems to be a quiet week in the heavens – but on closer inspection you could easily find that Mars in square to Jupiter and then Sun square Pluto makes you over-reactive, very competitive and ready to argue on every issue! You need to find balance by focussing on your inner space, peace, patience and a slow steady way of dealing with your life. Luckily the Libra Sun makes this easier than you imagined.


The squares this week of Mars with Jupiter and the Sun with Pluto means that your energy and optimism could encourage you to make unrealistic promises especially in matters to do with your home, family and perhaps your career too. You need to summon all your self-control – which will be easier than you think as Mercury moves into Libra on Friday, enabling you to talk yourself out of any difficult situation in a calm fair manner.   Wearing the colour green will help keep you cool and enhance your classy dress sense.


Your two ruling planets are overly aggressive this week, Mars square to Jupiter and the Sun square to Pluto… Your relationships could suffer from misunderstandings as you come across as aggressive or argumentative rather than just trying to get your point of view across. Luckily Mercury moves into balanced Libra at the end of the week – listen more and speak less? Certainly keep your ideas and your private life to yourself until the 25th. Avoid being overly dramatic – even in your clothes this week?


Although you could be inundated with business meetings and social gatherings, the Mars/Jupiter square along with the Sun/Pluto square could make you exaggerate financial issues in a forceful way – with some disastrous consequences. Be very cautious? Try to arrange your meetings for next as Mercury moves into Libra at the end of the week making you far more balanced and rational – and you’ll be able to state your case clearly. Add some yellow to your dress if feeling a little worried or nervous.


The Mars/Jupiter square followed by the Sun/Pluto one could easily make you too aggressive as your fight for your favourite cause. However this could cause arguments, upset your progress and even damage your reputation. Mercury is moving into Libra at the end of the week when it will be far easier for you to reach agreement and obtain favours from your colleagues – so arrange important meetings for next week. The colour orange will help keep you up-beat whether you wear it, eat it or burn a yellow candle!


This is the week to keep to yourself, working quietly at home or behind the scenes rather than putting yourself ‘out there’ and perhaps promising more than you can possibly achieve. This is a good time to soften your power-dressing – dress in your unique style but in a quiet way. Mercury moves into Libra at the end of the week, bringing more clarity as you understand what is really happening. Any travel plans start to come together now – so start planning your next trip.


Being aggressive or losing patience with your partner or colleagues won’t help – you might want to be in control of every aspect of the association, especially financial, but your very intensity will make it more difficult. Wait until the end of the week to even open discussions when Mercury moves into Libra and your research will bring more positive results – and the bank balance improves. Change your style to suit your mood – avoiding the colour red this week will help too.


Joint ventures and partnerships are moving ahead so use this week to research and investigate rather than telling everyone your plans. Try not to take your partner and associates for granted – they probably aren’t in the mood to co-operate anyway. At the end of the week Mercury moves into Libra when peace and harmony will prevail once more and you’ll reach favourable terms and conditions for yourself. Dress for comfort this week – a little self-indulgence will lift your mood too.


Try not to do too many things at once – you could easily find you don’t succeed at any of them and will get upset then you don’t make any money and your co-workers don’t understand just how hard you’ve been working… Mercury is moving into Libra at the end of the week which means your spirits will lift, you’ll feel so much better as everyone co-operates and shares your work-load. A new hairstyle will help too – as will a little luxury so enjoy the weekend!



Why is it you can’t get your latest ideas off the ground? The Mars/Jupiter and Sun/Pluto squares are preventing you from achieving early in the week – but relax as your personal planet, Mercury, is moving into Libra at the end of the week when you suddenly everything falls into place. Use the colour indigo to calm your nerves and stress levels. Your social and love life will be more fun and romantic too – plan a trip with your partner. Meantime you need to dress for speed as you’ll be extra busy this weekend.


Expect disagreements and arguments at home this week – keep a low profile and postpone family discussions to next week? Otherwise you’ll be accused of being too controlling, intense and jealous. Be patient – Mercury moves into Libra at the end of the week when it’ll be far easier to reach agreement whether planning to move home or solve an on-going argument. Meantime, wearing some of your old favourites will help keep you calm and feeling safe.


Expect your health to suffer with a nasty headache or dose of flu brought on by frustration as no-one seems to understand what you say. Just stay calm, postpone any discussions and meetings until next week after Mercury moves into Libra when everyone will be more inclined to listen and agree to what you have to say. Eat healthily this week so that you stay fit rather than over-indulge in chocolate and other comfort foods. Keep your luxury in your dress – it’ll do wonders for your self-confidence.


You have some really interesting and creative ideas for increasing your finances – but the difficult aspects of Mars/Jupiter and the Sun/Pluto suggest you could lose money so take extra care. At the end of the week Mercury moves into Libra – so arrange a meeting with your financial advisor or expert to discuss your needs, priorities and keep you on the right track. Meantime don’t stress or panic. Use your inspired imagination at home instead. Don’t overdo the colour red – but a touch will add confidence.