The Sun’s move into Scorpio adds to the intense passion all Scorpios hide in their heart. Everyone will benefit – but you should try to avoid drama. The Sun conjunct Jupiter brings feelings of self-confidence so you easily rid yourself of emotions that threaten to overwhelm you when jealousy is brought into the open by the Venus/Pluto square on Friday. Use the energy of Mercury in good aspect to Neptune, which is giving an intuitive lift to your communication skills. 

As the Sun moves into your sign, try to stay unemotional – and instead of denigrating yourself, take pride in everything you do. The conjunction of the Sun with Jupiter urges you to focus on your goals with total confidence. Yes, you can be dramatic – but wouldn’t the world be a duller place without you? Only a very special guy can handle your intensity and passion.

As the Sun moves into Scorpio, it is conjunct Jupiter, providing an opportunity to take stock. Don’t worry about things still undone: your personal planet Jupiter is offering support and inner strength so you can overcome problems and prep for the next phase of your life. Worry over financial issues won’t help – discuss with those involved to find solutions. Sexual tension? You know exactly how to sort it!

Even if you want time to yourself this week, it probably won’t happen as your friends and family all want a piece of you. The financial props for your hard work are worth all the effort you’ve put in, and you could be offered a greater leadership role within your organisation. Just remember to take time out for yourself – and for the guy in your life, who might be feeling a bit neglected.

The emphasis this week (and month) is on your career goals – and with Jupiter’s help along with the Sun-in-Scorpio energy, your optimism will inspire you to take them even further. Present yourself in the best possible light when in the public eye to ensure others want to follow your lead. Tension in your relationship could make you want to run. Don’t – just be open about your feelings.

Jupiter working with the Sun as it moves into Scorpio says you have no excuses left – now is the time to widen your horizons and further your professional status through learning new skills and exploring new cultures. It’s exciting, interesting and inspiring! Luck is on your side as long as you keep over-indulgence in check. Your love planet is in good aspect to your personal planet Neptune, so romance is likely.

As the Sun moves into Scorpio, joining both Mercury and Jupiter, your finances take on greater importance – especially those to do with investments and insurance. It is important for you to be financially independent, and the planets are giving you the green light to find the best way to do it. You may have to deal with jealousy in your workplace or with your guy; kindness and understanding will nip it in the bud.


Strengthened by the Sun moving into Scorpio, you’ll be able to move mountains with your passion and intensity – so this is the perfect time to negotiate contracts and other legal matters with total confidence. You could feel pulled between wanting to go on holiday and finishing work projects. Listen to your conscience and you won’t go wrong. Avoid jealousy if you want your relationship to stay strong.

If you haven’t been feeling motivated at work, see what changes you can make now. This will help ensure that everyone appreciates your input and that you are given the financial rewards you deserve. If you’re moving to a new job, make sure you know exactly what is expected so you stay on top of it. Sexual tension between you and your guy can be resolved – think of what he needs.

You’re in the mood to indulge yourself. Use your creative talent, imagination and sense of humour at work, at home and in your love life – and you’ll have one of the happiest weeks of the whole year. Venus and Pluto are bringing up a few issues in your love life and disturbing your domestic bliss; solve them by letting go of your ego and injecting emotion into the relationship.

The Sun’s move into Scorpio focuses on your home life. Discuss family matters, sort out property deals and decide where (or if) your guy fits in. This Scorpio influence also involves your career, so you need to balance your time and energy. Relax: don’t let your personal passions dominate, and avoid arguments with colleagues. A healthy, vigorous sex life is more important than romantic gestures right now.

You don’t have to discuss personal matters with anyone as the Sun in Scorpio is quite secretive – but do engage with experts if purchasing a new car or a new phone. You don’t want to buy something only to find there’s a better option available. The more information you have, the better you’ll get on. Venus and Pluto suggest a difference of opinion with your guy over basic values. Get everything into perspective.

The Sun moving into Scorpio suggests you start valuing yourself rather than money or possessions. Spending in an extravagant way to impress your guy, family or friends will only bring criticism – and a diminished bank account! Some changes on the home front could happen quickly but may not be exactly what you envisaged. Go with the flow because luck is on your side.

Via Cosmo SA