This week looks a little like a war zone for everyone but especially for you as your personal planet, Uranus, is in hard aspect to both Mercury and Pluto.  Try to turn this into a discussion rather than a stand-off with colleagues or even your family.  Do what you can to hide your need for power and control – hard to do as it’s quite obvious to everyone…  By the end of the week you’ll need some time to yourself to calm down and de-stress – a quiet walk will help your ankles and circulation too.


You start the week feeling at peace despite the changes that are happening all around you – but by the end of the week you could start to feel uneasy and resent the upheavals.  Try not to become aggressive in the way you discuss everything with your colleagues.  There are amazing opportunities that will help you achieve your financial goals – all you have to do is open your mind to the new schemes and ideas rather than holding on to ‘same old’… Avoid eating, drinking or doing anything extreme – they won’t help!


With Uranus, Pluto and Mercury all arguing at the moment, causing huge change and upheavals, you are one of the few signs to have the courage and optimism to react quickly and confidently no matter what happens and so avoid too much stress.  Will it help to discuss your unique methods with your colleagues and partners? Probably not as they won’t be in the mood to listen…  Don’t get angry, just carry on doing what you do best, in your own confident way. Style?  Nothing too fussy.


Career matters are important but with Mercury, Uranus and Pluto all at war with each other, your thoughts will probably turn to far distance lands, ideas and concepts which will take you far away from these mundane activities going on around you…  Take this opportunity to gain as much knowledge and experience as you can.  When someone challenges you, just smile, show understanding and love – you’ll be the winner…  Relaxation, love and fun will be needed by the weekend.


This week sees you in intense, argumentative and passionate mode rather than in your light, airy mood.  There are many changes happening so be prepared to make amendments to your plans – go with the flow no matter how difficult to do.  Open your mind to all the new opportunities but as this isn’t the week to make serious decisions, just use your enquiring mind to research and investigate. Planning your next holiday or trip away will help you de-stress – and stay sane!


With Mercury, Uranus and Pluto all in hard aspect, your present life could feel like a battle ground rather than a place of peace and tranquillity…  This is the time to consider your long-term ambitions – don’t make quick decisions but research and investigate what you really want as you think about changes which would make your home life as well as your career more satisfying.  Control is a major factor so avoid manipulating anyone or being manipulated yourself.


The more original and independent your thoughts, the more you can expect opposition from everyone now that Mercury, Uranus and Pluto are all fighting… Do what you can to avoid these arguments, so you might find it easier to close your door and disappear until it’s all over!  If this isn’t possible, just stick to routine matters while being smilingly non-committal!  Giving deep thought to everything you do will help you avoid criticism too…  Stylish dramatic clothes will help too.


Mercury, your personal planet, together with Uranus and Pluto are all in highly difficult aspect causing unstable conditions so it probably means you won’t get what you want at the moment – making your whole life feel a little unstable…  Don’t worry, everyone is being affected so use your clever mind and creative talents to help you ride out the confusion.  Yes, you might have to accept a few changes but these will ultimately be for your benefit so don’t worry.  Keeping to your classy dress style will help.


You could easily feel that no matter how sweet, loving and romantic you are, your home is like a war-zone as Mercury, Uranus and Pluto are all fighting for supremacy with your planet, Venus, adding her voice at the end of the week… All you can do is try to keep the peace by being totally honest, open but loving while you do everything to stay in control of it all.  You’ll probably find that in the end all your ties within the family

will be far stronger.  Dress to show you are in control…


As Pluto, your personal planet, is in hard aspect with both Mercury and Uranus with Venus adding her voice at the end of the week, you aren’t in fun or trivial mood but feeling extremely intense and serious.  An unexpected event could make you feel unsettled so be very aware when driving especially if stressed or tired.  Take care of any paperwork, your computer and other communication devices too.  It might well be worth dressing quite dramatically for most impact – and your self-esteem.


Compared to most people, this week is just a bit unsettling rather than the war zone others find themselves in! Uranus, Pluto and Mercury are causing minor upset in your career, domestic scene and finances but rather than become worried by your lack of control, just enjoy the changes knowing that whatever happens, in the end you’ll be the winner.  Don’t bother to make decisions this week – just go with the flow using your creative imagination. Boredom can cause stress – but not for you this week!


As Mercury along with Uranus and Pluto are all working in difficult aspect to each other, your domestic life as well as your goals and ambitions could well be upset… This is your cue to think in an independent way rather than becoming upset by others telling you what to do all the time.  You have huge personal power so use it to achieve all your aims. You’ll still have to avoid heated discussions or making accusations – use the time instead to make new contacts.