The Sun/Mercury conjunction with the New Moon adds depth and passion to the traditional celebration of Halloween (Gaelic festival of Samhain) as the Northern hemisphere moves into the long dark winter nights but which is now mostly for children demanding trick or treat… This week looks far better than last with the Sun, Moon and Mercury all trine Neptune helping everyone to relax and get on with their lives in a peaceful harmonious way. The Venus/Saturn conjunction adds loyalty and commitment to the mix.


As you start to relax after the tension last week, your imagination and creativity kick in to all areas of your life, bringing new romance as well too much self-indulgence and fun! Let your strong intuition help guide you. Your business and family meetings will benefit from your artistic talents and you have great results when you add a touch of compassion and understanding to the mix. An unexpected meeting adds excitement and drama to your life – a little non-aggressive orange in your style could help too.


Your instincts and intuition are stronger than ever so use them to guide you through any property deals and family matters. Showing understanding and compassion will make negotiations much easier especially if dealing with difficult family dynamics. It’s important you take control of your finances as you can easily earn more as well as increasing your investments and savings. You have great powers of persuasion – use them to your advantage. You are one of the few people who can wear clashing colours – go for it!


You’ll have to use your intuition rather than just your usual common sense to take advantage of all the latest inspired ideas and plans that are opening to you, and help you decide which ones will or won’t work. Arrange meetings and discussion groups with everyone involved, showing your determination, inner strength as well as all the magnetism you can find in order to reach agreement. Dress in a stylish but simple way – show you mean business!


Listen to your intuition this week regarding to your long-term future plans. Organize meetings with those involved – especially with your husband, business partner and family so everyone is kept in the loop and gives you the support you need. At this stage you don’t have to give details – just the big picture will do. Make sure your appearance is business-like so wear something slightly more conservative than usual but with your own obvious flair as you could be in the public eye.


If travelling you could easily feel upset, helpless or confused over a delay or cancellation, allowing your imagination to run riot into realms of fantasy. Just stay positive – you’ll always find someone to help. This is the ideal time, while Venus is conjunct Saturn, to show your family and colleagues just how committed you are to your long-term ambitions and career and that you are determined to make your own decisions. Keep your clothes style more than usually structured so everyone sees your determination.


Your intuition is strong, but you probably won’t listen to it as you have your own ideas and will probably distrust these inner warnings… Do be extra careful though as Venus and Saturn are working together to broaden your mind and go for new experiences – but there is the probability of danger or disappointment which you could well ignore or dismiss. Use your creative flair and dress with style in a more feminine way than usual.


Your love and business partners as well as all your other relationships are extremely important this week. You could easily decide on further commitment, marriage or enter into a joint venture, partnerships or just open a joint account… Be sure before you sign any contract? You don’t have to tell anyone what you are doing… It’s time to relax and show everyone you aren’t just a workaholic. What makes you happy? The feel of luxurious silk? A relaxing neck and shoulder massage? Make time for you.


With the accent on health, remember that when you are stressed you find you get sick with worry, your digestion upset and you have sleepless nights… Take preventative measures like ensuring your work-space is organized and efficient, your life is balanced between work and play. This week you’ll find negotiating terms and conditions to suit you very easy as everyone is more than willing to co-operate – give a little too? Hairstyle and clothes should be uncomplicated and ready for your non-stop life style this week.


Your creative juices flow this week, lighting up all your relationships from your partner, friends to your business colleagues. You know that whatever you plan will be totally successful and with so many new opportunities opening up this really is a win-win situation. Just be warned that you could be very fertile so need to take precautions… Your social life will be extra busy so you need to balance it with your work so you don’t become over tired. Mix old comfortable clothes with new to make your own elegant style.


Your home and family are the focus of this New Moon and how this affects your career. Moving closer to your work is an option but you could consider opening a business or working from home. You are extremely resourceful, easily solving every problem thrown at you – listen to what your inner voice is saying? Ask advice from those close to you as well as from experts as the more information you

have, the easier it is to make decisions. Elegance rather than just drama is needed in your dress style.


The New Moon urges you to share your latest ideas and information, to stay in contact with as many people as possible. Meetings, discussion groups and short trips are successful – but be sure that both you and everyone are totally truthful not just agreeing to keep the peace! Listen to your sharp intuition and inner voice. This is a great time to buy a new car or computer equipment. Power dressing will give you confidence and the approval of your family and loved ones.


Your finances and possessions are the theme of this New Moon. Ask experts for their opinion if you aren’t sure but remember to use the ‘strictly need to know’ system rather than telling everyone your personal business! Health-wise, you can easily find the right doctor or expert so don’t rush into new fad diets or exercise regimes that just don’t work. You are looking extremely good, know what to wear for every occasion – though could be a little too conservative. Add a touch of red for excitement.