As Venus moves into your own sign this week, you’ll see the Sun leaving your sign and moving into Pisces on the 19th.  You enjoy unconventional and different people and you are certainly attracting them to you.  It’s important that they share and appreciate your values and personal integrity otherwise you could find you have less than a healthy bank balance.  Generosity is one thing – stupidity quite another! Keep your feet firmly cemented on the ground – along with your bank cards…


So you think you are ill, too fat, too thin, or don’t have the ‘right’ clothes – in fact any excuse to make you stay home rather than socialize! It’s just Venus moving into Aquarius bringing up past hurts especially if someone from your past turns up again – and anyway it’s much easier to dream or fantasize than to face the ‘real thing’…The Sun moves into your own sign so you’ll soon be more serene again – but also more forceful and dynamic in your daily work routine.    


This week Venus moves into Aquarius and the Sun into Pisces giving you the push to consider your personal aspirations and how you fit into the lives of your family, friends, associates. The more co-operative, helpful and social you are, the easier it’ll be to find that inner confidence.  This positive energy will help you accept the challenge to move on from any old problems and embrace the future knowing everyone is there to help and support your aspirations. This is also the perfect time to get fit and healthy.


Your personal planet, Venus, moves into Aquarius so it won’t just be your work that’ll be noticed but your charm, personal appearance as well as your ability to co-operate when necessary. At the same time the Sun moves into Pisces making you even more imaginative so use this time to show off your talents in your very own individualistic way with as much energy and self-confidence as you can muster…  Bring some romance and affection into your family life too – it will be very appreciated!


This week you are ready for adventure, to broaden your mind, to be open to different philosophies as well as ready to travel to far off lands now that Venus has moved into Aquarius.  But the Sun is moving into Pisces so listen to the little voice at the back of your mind telling you to be practical, not to forget your long-term aspirations… Take time to assess your life and how best to achieve your aims by using your heightened imagination.  Don’t let your sarcastic wit loose on your family…


As Venus makes its move into Aquarius you have even more imaginative ways to make joint ventures and partnerships really work for you. This is enhances by the Sun moving into Pisces suggesting you could take a few well considered risks… This is also a very good time to further your knowledge and skills – even return to ‘varsity… Well, you have many creative ideas along with great self-confidence so don’t wait but get on with whatever you really want to do.


Venus making its move into Aquarius adds harmony, co-operation and unconventional ideas to help you achieve common goals and joint ventures.  The Sun moving into Pisces, while adding to your imagination, also tells you to be business-like, focus on the small print of any contract and make sure you don’t miss out financially.  It’s up to you to research and investigate as much as possible before you sign any contract… Dress?  Be the bold lioness…


The way to be relaxed and ready to tackle any job, whether it’s one of the mundane routine tasks or something interesting and innovative, is to ensure your office space is as organized, tidy but beautiful as possible – otherwise the move of Venus into Aquarius will make you stressed and even ill. Luckily the Sun is now moving into Pisces so you’ll be to rely on the co-operation of your colleagues – and your family will be there for you too.


As your personal planet, Venus, moves into Aquarius you are even happier as it means you’ll be more creative, pursuing pleasure, fun and social events in the most adventurous way possible.  The Sun moves into Pisces though which can be stressful as it tries to keep you focussed on your work and routine matters.  You need to balance the two so you keep in everyone’s good books – and you stay fit and healthy.  Try not to take advantage of the fact that everyone adores you?


The move of Venus into Aquarius and the Sun into Pisces mean your pleasures and peace of mind come from your home, family and domestic scene.  Your creative spirit thinks up new ways to decorate, negotiate property deals or make your home more of a haven.  As the time is right for working from home, you might need to sort out a workable office space. Don’t forget to invite friends and family around for a drink or dinner… Conventional classy dress will show everyone who is in charge…


Venus moving into Aquarius adds to your charm and sense of humour – just don’t overdo the use of flattery? As the Sun moves into Pisces your thoughts turn to your family and home – you can strengthen all family ties now though you probably have to make the first move…  Meantime don’t let anyone’s actions hurt you or bring up old wounds – it’s time to forgive and move on… Dress code?  Try something informal so you don’t look too intimidating!


Venus’ suggests that if you go on a shopping spree you should think luxury, expensive investments rather than just bling to suit the moment.  The more innovative and exciting you make the trip the better…  As the issue of wealth is important you need to dress to show off your status, to be noticed especially as wealth does attract wealth… The Sun’s move into Pisces means you want to study, read and learn as much as possible before giving your opinion in a passionate and intense way.