Just when Mercury in Libra brings peace and harmony, its conjunction with Jupiter bringing good judgment, both will be square to impulsive aggressive Mars this week. Then, at the end of the week, the Sun will be square to Uranus. As this square also conjuncts an Aries Full Moon we can expect the unexpected, hopefully not personally, but probably on a world scale… Help yourself by driving extra carefully, staying calm and turning away from arguments no matter what the provocation. The colour blue will help keep everyone cool, calm and collected!


The week starts with peace, harmony and good judgment until the 14th when Mercury conjunct Jupiter both square aggressive, very impulsive Mars and the Sun opposes Uranus coinciding with the Aries Full Moon -affecting all your relationships from family to business. What can you do? Warn those closest to you as they too will be affected by these planets, resist issuing ultimatums as the outcome could be the last thing you expect… Wear whatever style makes you feel up-beat but relaxed.


Expect the storm after a few days of calm – Mercury conjunct Jupiter both square to highly aggro Mars as well as the Sun opposing Uranus at the Super Full Moon make for an OTT few days as you lose your cool at the slightest hiccup. Especially avoid road rage? Exercise and a healthy diet will help keep stress levels down. As Scorpios take everything to heart, try to keep everything in perspective – this is only a temporary set-back. Treat yourself to a massage and spa day.


Watch out for your personal planet, Jupiter, conjunct Mercury and square Mars and the Sun’s opposition to Uranus along with the Super Full Moon all playing havoc with your personal support network when instead of co-operation you could find disagreement… Try not to over-react but stay as calm as possible as next week everything gets back to normal and you’ll wonder why you worried. Just keep your sense of humour intact even if you feel out of control. Listen to your body – rest, relaxation are needed.



The week begins in an upbeat way – but when Mercury and Jupiter square Mars and the Sun is in opposition to Uranus, your life feels on very shaky ground – and you could easily decide to quit your job, put your house up for sale or make other rash decisions. Keep calm as everyone is suffering the same – and next week will be much better! Life will be much easier for everyone if you give support, understanding and love. What makes you happiest? Work with this – it’s time for a relaxing treat.


The Stars are making everyone suffer an unsettled week – though you could easily come up with some really interesting ideas. Do think them through carefully rather than rushing into action, especially if it involves taking further training? Be very careful when travelling – locally, on holiday both here and over-seas. Accidents, delays and other mishaps are possible – and keep your important documents and papers safe. Keep clothes simple – ready for action!


Your finances, partnerships and joint ventures are suffering more than a little strain this week due to the extreme planetary positions. Rather than over react aggressively without too much thought, in an accusatory way, try to avoid confrontation. Investigate, research in a calm way and wait until next week when everything gets back to normal. What do you to calm your nerves? Music and dance or any other of the arts will help especially if participating rather than just watching…


The planets are being as difficult as they can this week, culminating in the Super Full Moon in your own sign, Aries. You’ll be full of energy – but also anger as your life turns upside down. This energy is focussed on your relationships – at work, socially and with those closest to you like your partner and family. Try to avoid being over-confrontational or threatening to walk out. Stay calm otherwise you could end up with migraine, having an accident or getting into an argument you’ll later regret. Exercise?


Your health could easily suffer this week with all the difficult planetary action – especially if your usually sharp judgment lets you down. Your world might feel under strain – so avoid accidents both when travelling and at work. Don’t overwork yourself either – you need to balance your home, social life with your career. Venus is doing its best to ensure everyone offers you love and support – so don’t you won’t need to indulge in comfort-eating! Wearing silk next to the skin is always a pick-me-up…


Your finances, investments, joint ventures and partnerships are all coming under your close scrutiny – and you could easily over-react without thought. Instead, use your highly creative mind to consider what you want and should do. You’ll most likely change your mind again, so don’t rush to throw out your current lifestyle on a whim, especially if your life already gives you fun, excitement, financial security… Avoid stress this week by taking time for what you love doing.


The planets are influencing all areas of your life from your career, home and family to your close relationships. Being a very emotional person, you find it hard to cope with too much stress especially when you feel you have little or no influence on what is happening… This isn’t the best time to sign a new contract or agreement either. Just try to ride it out and wait – do whatever you find brings most relaxation. Spoil yourself with a little bling – or the expensive real thing…


Overseas travel should be exciting and fun – but this doesn’t mean putting yourself in danger. Also expect some frustrating delays and hold-ups… At home there’ll also be traffic jams and other problems when travelling – it’s vital you avoid road rage? Make sure your car is serviced and full of petrol as these minor setbacks could upset you further. Also keep your computer, phone and other gadgets safe. Hold your tongue until you know all the facts of every situation? Make sure you wear the right outfit for what you are doing…


The difficult planetary aspects are causing danger to lurk everywhere, so be extra careful with your finances, investments and any joint ventures. You have some great ideas but avoid rushing in without thought – the planets are waiting for you to fall this week! Do some planning – ready to move forward but only next week? No matter how neat and tidy you are in mind, body and soul, thinking you have everything under control, you need to be ready for any eventuality… Dress for ease of movement.