A mixed week in the heavens as the Sun moves into practical Virgo. Mars urges you get everything finished in its usual aggressive manner, then Jupiter and Mercury bring good judgment and help you communicate in a positive way. Neptune then squares Saturn making you lose self-confidence – try to relax and wait for Venus entering the picture at the weekend, helping keep you calm, charming and bright! So there is brilliant light at the end of the tunnel after all!


The Sun moves into your own sign – the ideal time to look at yourself and your personal attributes. Ask if you are proud of yourself, your achievements – if not, what can you do to motivate yourself so you reach your goals? This week isn’t easy with so much happening in the heavens, so try to stay positive especially at home and in matters to do with your love and other relationships. Patience is needed… Venus will light up your life again at the weekend when you can enjoy togetherness in your usual under-stated way.


The move of the Sun into Virgo is your time to look at yourself and do a check-list of that still needs to be done, what obligations need to be fulfilled, so you’ll be ready for when it moves into your sign next month. Be disciplined and don’t let Mars make you rush into decisions. Avoid self-criticism especially from Friday when Saturn and Neptune try to disillusion you. Your personal planet, Venus, brings new light and love at the weekend – in a tender way. Buy yourself a little designer something to cheer you up…


The emphasis is on material rewards for your hard work as well as how you interact with your family, friends, colleagues and everyone else. It won’t be easy to stay in control of your emotions as Mars is trying to rush you, make you over-react – just focus on patience especially when your finances look a bit shaky. Careful consideration is needed before you take corrective action. Venus, your love planet, brings harmony, love and affection at the weekend. Style? Be creative rather than spend money this week.


Listen to the Sun in Virgo as is asks if you are happy with the way your life is going as now is the time to look at your major goals and what steps are needed to ensure success. Mars is urging you to act quickly but self-control and steady progress are needed as well as innovative ideas. Up-date your self-image if necessary but don’t take family criticism to heart – just be yourself. Social events will put the smile back on your face this weekend. Style? Your favourite colour, no matter how bright, will keep you up-beat.


The Sun moving into Virgo puts the emphasis on sharing your opinions and information – how you do this will either enhance or detract from your professional and personal status. Mars conjunct your personal planet, Saturn, makes it easy for you to make progress by being patient, practical but extremely powerfully positive. Check all your facts and figures so that you don’t misjudge the situation or give out misleading information. Good quality doesn’t have to be dull – use colour to lift your spirits.


Do your research and investigation before entering a new business or personal partnership. For those of you already committed, you’ll find yourself taking more responsibility and doing more work in order to keep the finances in good order. Not everyone will be working in your best interests – you don’t need to rush but be prepared to let some of your so-called friends go even if this causes a little heart-ache. Cold winter weather could cause pain in the lower legs through lack of circulation. Exercise?


While everyone seems to co-operate and support you, you’ll find your hard work paying off now and you’ll start to get the recognition (and financial increase) you deserve. However this means taking more responsibility too. A new partnership or relationship needs total support for your aspirations from the other party rather than just control. Your imagination is flying high – but you could also lose sight of reality. It’s vital you stay practical… Dress to show you mean business.


Being motivated and proud of your efficiency and responsibilities takes you far but you know that by controlling your power and using self-discipline you’ll actually achieve far more than if you rush in, in your usual impulsive way. This is your opportunity to broaden your mind, travel and perhaps learn new skills so that you seriously move upwards. Just be careful though as there could be danger if you do everything too quickly without thought. Style? Nothing too sweetly feminine or aggressive – it’s all about classic dressing.


As the Sun moves into Virgo this week you can relax knowing that your plans and goals are reaching fruition. Your creative talents and imagination are exciting and helping you reach new heights of success however it’s important you listen to what your business or love partner say rather than coming across as impatient and know-it-all… You’ll need these partners for support at the end of the week when Neptune tries to disillusion you… Style? Practical, elegant with that individual touch of creativity.


The emphasis of the Sun moving into Virgo is on your domestic and family matters. You do have great influence but before you try to obtain everyone’s approval you need to be sure about what you really want. So you don’t lose your reputation, find a practical solution and you’ll soon reach the best results for everyone, knowing that you have their support. Mercury, your personal planet, lights up your life again at the end of the week – wear something a little frivolous?


Your many ideas are being re-energized by the Sun’s move into Virgo – so get on the phone and computer and discuss your ideas with, exchanging information and knowledge, improving your skills. This means you’ll be busy dashing to meetings so keep your car ready, in top condition. Neptune could make you feel a bit disillusioned as if you are being unrealistic – don’t go there! Stay practical and focussed knowing you’ll be up-beat again by the weekend. Wear whatever makes you feel fantastic – even those old worn jeans…


The move of the Sun into Virgo emphasises your finances – and asks if you are reaching your foals. Mars and Saturn are telling you to be patient, practical and not rush to quick decisions. Err on caution rather than going on a spending spree. There’ll be challenges to your values and ideas as Saturn squares Neptune – discuss with experts rather than changing your plans. Luckily Mercury and Venus together will make you feel great again by the weekend – wear something that makes your heart and soul sing!