With your imagination running wild this week as the Sun meets your personal planet, Neptune, the emphasis will be on all your relationships whether partner, friends or business colleagues.  Focus on the positive rather than on the negative so the Universe can bring you what you want…  If you can’t decide for yourself, discuss with trusted friends, family and associates as their invaluable advice will bring a welcome logic to the situation… You like to dress creatively – but still be just a little practical?


Avoid taking on too many responsibilities, over work or driving at rush hour otherwise you’ll just get stressed and suffer migraine or a bad headache…  Don’t expect anyone to understand or give you thanks so just get on with what has to be done without feeling hurt or upset – everyone will appreciate you when they get the results! Listen to your intuition as it could help you avoid dangerous situations on the road and at home. Dress for both comfort but also to look smart…


You are in your most creative mode so you do everything with panache and excitement whether decorating, cooking for a dinner party, or sorting out the filing system… Everyone around you will find it hard to keep up with your energetic spirit. You can achieve everything now but there is a word of warning – you are at your most fertile so do whatever’s necessary to avoid an unwanted pregnancy… Go on, give yourself a treat – buy those killer heels or designer bag…


As your family demands your time, you have to walk a tightrope between your business, leisure time as well as they all demand attention… You probably feel very uncertain which direction to take, confused and very vulnerable too… Do you realise just how inspirational others find you? Try to keep your feet on the ground to make it easier to find the balance you need – meeting up with strong, stable friends will help. Wear clothes to suit your mood and make you feel comfortable.


So full of ideas you won’t know which way to turn as your understanding of the world increases through travel, talks and discussions – communicate with as many people as possible.  There are public speaking opportunities coming your way so don’t miss out… It’s still important to keep to your daily routines and responsibilities as well which will help you keep your feet firmly on the ground. Wear something luxurious that really makes you feel sensuous but taken seriously.


Take a long hard look at your finances this week, especially investments and joint enterprises.  Don’t over-react or lose perspective but be cautious rather than take unwise risks.  Consider taking expert advice from professionals as they could have the answer that would you financially independent with a really hot bank account…  You love a bit of drama in your life and this is the ideal time to bring it into the way you dress – when you know you look good, your health and whole life improves…


The Full Moon is in your own sign, so once you make a decision you won’t want to change your mind or be persuaded on to a different path especially in relationship issues.  If someone is trying to make you uncertain about something important, counter-balance this by being totally honest and committed.  Bringing a spiritual dimension into all your relationships would help everyone see and appreciate the real you.  Looking classy and cool is the way to dress at the moment.


Whatever happens this week, don’t fall into the ‘poor me’ trap otherwise you could find yourself taking more drugs than you need, drinking more than enough wine or eating far too much just to make you feel better! Instead, go to the gym, do some vigorous exercise, obtain spiritual guidance from your church or other mentor…  Helping the less fortunate will also take your mind off your troubles…  What you need now is structure in your life. Dress code? You have your own graceful distinct style – it’s the best.


Try not to feel hurt because of something a friend or associate said or did even if it has brought back sad memories you’d rather forget…  Think creatively, give out as much understanding and love as you can and watch how positively everyone reacts – it could easily be the start of really creative new project, career or friendship.  This new understanding could make your whole life an exciting adventure with great financial rewards too. Style? Just express what you feel.


Your career, long-term aims as well as your family and property matters all vie for your attention – and could provoke emotional responses from those close to you.  Luckily your intuition is strong so listen and use it along with practical answers especially when negotiating new contracts.  If you aren’t sure which direction to go next, it’s probably best not to make firm decisions this week but wait until all the facts are known. Dress?  Be a little conservative if you want to be taken seriously…


Keep your bag ready to be packed as both long and short trips are highlighted.  A visit could potentially be upsetting so use your intuition along with your usual common sense to avoid misunderstandings. Your personal planet Saturn says confront any fears logically so you can move on with total confidence.  The more compassionate you are, the easier it’ll be.  Sometimes it’s better to follow your heart rather than your head… Don’t forget to emphasize your body’s good points no matter what you wear…


With the emphasis on your finances, investments and joint ventures, you need to find practical solutions to any problems if you want to keep to your priorities and values.  Don’t make hasty unwise financial decisions which could easily lose you money – talk to experts? Extravagance is a total no-no at the moment, so take your courage and leave your credit cards at home… Clothes?  Even if you enjoy looking different to everyone else, don’t forget the magic word – style!