This is a quiet week though Mercury no longer from the 26th will make it easier for everyone to understand and communicate especially if you can avoid being overly competitive or cause arguments with colleagues.  Pluto has loads to say, telling you to take your inner power and give up any destructive feelings like excess guilt or self-pity. Think very carefully about any changes you want to make rather than make any decisions this week. Use charm if you want everyone to do things your way…


This will be a busy week for you arranging meetings and discussions as Mercury is no longer retrograde from the 26th and you’ll be inundated with messages from friends, acquaintances and business associates. There are many options open to you at the moment so think very carefully before you make any decisions – and only then let everyone know without being too intense about the changes you are planning – even if you are a little nervous.  Dress to make a statement…


You’ll probably be given access to a load of information and ideas that will be extremely useful towards reaching your long-term goals and ambitions.  It’s important you don’t resent anyone who takes the time to give you advice – just listen in a grateful way so they stay happy and supportive.  You want to stay in charge of your life so when you have as much info as you can, make up your own mind realizing that changes will then happen.  Don’t go overboard on health and exercise routines – moderation?


Your understanding widens as you gain a more open perspective on everything, becoming more optimistic, ready to discuss and share your very profound ideas with everyone.  At the moment you can persuade them to agree to your thoughts and plans. You are in the spotlight so use your artistic talents, charm and beauty (rather than any information you receive) as a weapon to help you reach your goals. Style-wise, use colour as a secret weapon too – make sure it enhances your skin and hair tones.


Mercury, your personal planet, moves forward from the end of the week, when you’ll find it far easier than usual to focus and commit yourself, accepting that you might have to give up something in order to gain or achieve something quite life-changing.  You are resourceful and very talented so go after it in an organized and methodical way.  You’ll become stressed if you upset anyone, so try not to argue… Get enough sleep, healthy diet and exercise plan. Dress?  It seems that speed and ease your needed this week.


Mercury will move forward at the end of the week and is now working with Pluto so if a joint venture or partnership doesn’t feel right, that perhaps one of you isn’t committed or co-operative, then analyse the situation carefully, before making any move. Just realise that any changes will impact both parties very significantly so ensure you aren’t over-reacting without knowing all the facts and figures.  Dressing in a classical style will help everyone know you mean business…


Accidents could easily happen around your home this week so slow down and try not to do everything too quickly.  Arguments and spats with your family will upset everyone so avoid being too much of a perfectionist, critical or picky.  Keep your sharp mind on your work, organizing and upgrading your methods.  Be as kind to others as possible – and especially to yourself… Give yourself a break – a glamorous new outfit will do wonders for your stress levels!


Mercury no longer retrograde this week brings you more optimism but you still have to avoid being too egotistical or over confident as this will make other people resent you rather than appreciate your creative ideas. Venus can help make this a really successful week if you encourage co-operation by appreciating everyone’s input – and this will then help you cope with any changes that will have to be made. Relax your dress code along with your mind?


The results of Mercury no longer retrograde is that you’ll find far more satisfaction in your family and domestic projects than you have recently.  Your intuition is extremely sharp and your emotions will play a far larger part in your life than usual – or you expect.  Don’t neglect your finances – but you do need to avoid taking unwise action so research everything carefully first in order to avoid losing money. You know that appearances matter – so look the part!


Mars and Pluto, your two personal planets, are working together to help you transform your life.  Your powers of persuasion are very strong but you need to avoid being over-aggressive in your big to persuade everyone to follow your ideas – especially if you keep changing your mind…  You’ll need to avoid accidents as well as arguments as by the end of the week the Moon will be in your sign too so your intensity will grow out of all proportion…  Find a way of releasing the energy so you don’t end up stressed?


Your personal finances, friendships and values are emphasized this week and with Mercury moving forward at the end of the week, it’s time to discuss these with everyone involved.  Be totally honest about what you want so it’s easier for everyone to understand and agree – but try not to let money and material possessions rule or own you.  You do need some time out alone this week to relax and re-boot especially if someone or something from your past catches up with you again.     


Mercury is moving forward at the end of the week so you’ll find yourself expressing your mind in no uncertain terms so you’ll need Venus to bring you the charm and co-operative skills so that everyone will be there for you…  Your mind is sharper even than usual – but it also means you’ll probably change direction more often too as new ideas and concepts arrive.  It’s important to keep a sharp eye on your finances.  Dress to suit your active life this week.