This week is dominated by Venus moving out of diplomatic Libra into deep, intense and emotional Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, so you’ll feel like all your relationships are a matter of life or death… Try not to take everything so seriously – and don’t break off a friendship for no reason. The Saturn/Uranus trine encourages you to embrace the new ideas and concepts that surround you.

With Venus moving into your own sign, you’ll have loads of influence on people – so use your charm and let your sense of humour shine. This is the time to question what’s important to you, whether it’s to do with your finances, relationships or the way you use your talent. Uranus suggests new ways of making money – but Saturn urges you to think carefully before you make drastic changes.

Sagittarians love travel, exercise and moving around, so an opportunity to explore new territories is extremely enticing. This sometimes means a change of partner too – or at least welcoming new friends into your circle. Venus in Scorpio suggests there is a certain friendship you want to keep secret. Don’t do anything to upset your guy – unless you really mean it.

Venus moving into Scorpio brings increased intensity and passion to all your relationships, but especially to your romantic one. You want to organise everything – but think of their needs as well as your own. Uranus in good aspect to your personal planet Saturn makes life more exciting, bringing unexpected social occasions and adding much-needed spice to your relationship.

The trine of Saturn with your personal planet Uranus makes you embrace every new situation, no matter how unpredictable or innovative. Saturn is adding a touch of practicality, which boosts your self-confidence and makes everyone respect your ideas. It’s just as well, as Venus’s move into Scorpio puts you in the spotlight… Use your charm and talents to your advantage.

A tall, dark and very handsome stranger offers passion and romance as Venus moving into Scorpio adds excitement to your love life. But with your personal planet Neptune mixing with the Moon this month, not everything is as it seems. Think fantasy and fun, rather than a serious SO. Saturn in good aspect to Uranus urges you to get serious about your finances – long-term solutions are the order of the day.

Venus moving into Scorpio is great for business and personal partnerships – but avoid getting too intense with your man. Apply for a mortgage or other loan; the results should be favourable if you don’t over-borrow. You’re probably eager for new experiences, and as Saturn trines Uranus you could embark on an entirely new project – even getting involved in politics or furthering your education.

Your personal planet moves into Scorpio, your love sign, so shift the focus from yourself to your guy and make him aware that you share common goals and values. You’ll be surprised by how much love you get in return. The same goes for all your close relationships: even the most difficult business colleagues will cooperate. Don’t let anyone impose their values on to you though – stay true to yourself.

It’s up to you to keep the peace, and it’s easy to find that spirit of cooperation now that Venus has moved into Scorpio – even if it means keeping quiet about how you really feel. Brightening your work day (and your home) with some flowers will make you feel less stressed. Saturn in trine to Uranus could change your viewpoint, adding energy to interactions with colleagues and friends. It’s time to take the lead.

This week sees Venus lighting up your love and social life, adding romance and fun. Make the most of the passion, and of your creative talents, to take your relationship up a notch. Saturn is encouraging you to keep to your schedule and routine, while Uranus suggests you take a new direction in your long-term goals. When you balance this with common sense, you’ll have the best of all worlds.

If you’ve been planning on decorating, now is the time to get going with the paintbrush. Adding a throw or cushions might be all that’s needed, so check out the latest colours to bring the scheme together. Saturn urges you to enjoy a steady romance – but Uranus is determined to add more excitement. Travelling together could be the way to keep your relationship stimulating.

Everything you do will be stimulated by Venus in Scorpio, adding a new depth to the way you interact with friends and colleagues. Your guy will enjoy your flattery and charm, and this will add to your feelings of self-worth both at work and at home. Now is the time to sort out any family disagreements or problems – think out of the box, and you’ll soon have everyone working in harmony.

This week sees Venus urging you to spend on luxury items to make yourself look and feel more beautiful – but Saturn warns that no-one will be impressed, and that you should just be yourself. Uranus suggests that relations with your SO and colleagues could change, so don’t enter into any long-term contracts at the moment. The solution is to enjoy whatever life brings – it’ll be exciting!


Via Cosmopolitan SA