Mercury’s conjunction with Pluto won’t let anyone think in a superficial way – but the big news is that fiery Mars is moving from intense, passionate Scorpio into adventurous, energetic and confident Sagittarius, bringing exciting opportunities and ideas. With the Sun now in Aquarius, some of those ideas could be unusual, causing aggressive reactions.


This is the start of your personal month so take advantage of all the opportunities on offer. This is the week for networking, so express your individuality, and offer your latest ideas in a spontaneous way, regardless of the emotional reactions of others. Your independent spirit is in the spotlight – perhaps you should warn your guy?


It’s time to tell everyone what you want, and what you expect from your friends, family and SO. Mars in Sagittarius will take your long-term goals and ambitions to the next level – be proactive, even if Venus is telling you to keep quiet and not rock the boat. A few early nights at home (with or without your guy) are in order.


Discussion about your career is this week’s opportunity, and with your personal planet Mars in Sagittarius, your enthusiasm will take you in any direction you want. Your job will be to decide what to do next. If you need further training, now is the time. Your SO might not agree with the idea of travel, so expect opposition – but keep your emotions under control.


You’ll be in contact with people from different cultures – learn as much as you can, and use this knowledge to inspire others and aid your career aspirations. Now is a good time to enter into a business partnership as long as you keep a close eye on the contract details. Personal commitment also looks promising – just make sure you see the full picture.


Your personal planet Mercury is conjunct Pluto, giving you even more powers of persuasion. Just don’t be too aggressive: Mars is moving into Sagittarius, your house of relationships, so your SO might agree to anything RN (including marriage) but change his mind later. This is a good time for a long journey to somewhere exotic and out of your comfort zone.


Business and personal partnerships are looking good. You’ll be asked to give up one thing in order to gain another – think carefully before committing or signing legal documents. Mars in Sagittarius brings renewed energy but also tempts you into angry outbursts when things don’t go your way. Blow off steam through exercise.


Let love, romance and fun dominate this week. Relationships at work look good, even though you’re intense and serious – you’ll easily be able to side-step power struggles. This is a good time to consult your health specialist, have an annual check-up and get your exercise regimen back on track – and lose those Christmas kilos!


Find the time to develop your creative skills, and include them in your work. A new business venture – perhaps working from home – gets off the ground, giving your long-term ambitions a positive push. Use the same creative skills at home to encourage your family and SO to work with you – although telling your guy what he should be doing may not be the best plan!


The atmosphere around you is crackling with anticipation. You have hundreds of new ideas, and you’re trying to do everything at once. You want to start a new life and break with the past – but old issues keep cropping up. Sort out family problems so you can move on. Mars in Sagittarius suggests you keep your temper in check, while romance is energetic, volatile and fun.


Financial and business concerns are uppermost as Mars sweeps into Sagittarius. Do you need extra income? Prioritise your needs and expenses, then use your renewed energy to find ways of earning. You have plenty of ideas – perhaps a new blog or website will help you get started. The Sun and Venus focus on family – perhaps you can start a new business together? 


Mars is moving into your own sign this week so you’ll be more competitive, active and ready to inspire everyone around you. Whatever happens, your focus is on achieving your own goals. Think carefully when spending on new items – shop around, as there are plenty of bargains to be had. Prioritise your own values, rather than trying to impress your friends.

Via Cosmopolitan SA