Becoming a travel blogger, flight attendant, or teaching English in a foreign country are only some of the ways to get paid to travel. Plenty of other jobs offer extensive opportunities to travel for work. Take Zamanyathi Lisetti, a process and tools specialist in telecommunications. She has travelled to over 20 countries in 10 years, making multiple trips to East Africa, and earning some serious Voyager Miles – enough to pay for leisurely trips to Europe and Asia.

Zama’s job was to travel to East African affiliates for a major cellphone network and to get their buy-in on processes and systems on an operational level. Surrounded by telecoms engineers, she was often the only one with a Psychology background who was specifically hired to interface between the engineers to get them to adopt similar processes across the telecoms group, and to bridge the gaps in their understanding and expectations. What seemed like a boring job at first, ended up being the most enriching experience of her life.

For Zama, the diversity of the people she met through her job was second to none. The amazing food, fashion and culture she experienced far exceeded the expectations she’d read about in magazines. Tanzania was by far her favourite, mainly because of the distance to Zanzibar Island. And even in Malawi, one of the poorest countries she had ever visited, the warmth and generosity of the people really came through when one of the women she worked with thanked her for her time by bringing her rice from her very own farm. ‘Best rice I have ever eaten in my life’, says Zama.

The beautiful colours and textures that exude from the continent of Africa are like nothing else on earth. Best tip from Zama: ‘Be open-minded and culturally sensitive. Remember, it’s your experience, but it’s their country.’

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