Nardstar is a Cape Town graffiti and mural artist with an impressive list of accomplishments under her belt. Her work is inspired by traditional graffiti but offers a fresh spin, with cubist influences and the use of a striking colour palette. She’s collaborated with the phenomenal Falko One, created works of art across the globe and has partnered with a range of top international brands. We spoke to her about her latest collaboration with Woolworths, Reloveolution, love, art and life.

Reloveolution, Nardstar

On art…

Nardstar started her career painting tags while riding around on a BMX bicycle with spray paint in her backpack. We can only imagine the kind of excitement that comes from knowing you’re possibly up to no good, but about to make something really average look amazing. Street art is an opportunity to increase accessibility to art and expose people to experiences they may not ordinarily have. To find art in unexpected places is a beautiful surprise.

Lisa Leslie Portrait, Nardstar

On love…

Nardstar believes love is the reason we’re all on this planet. She says it makes sense when you consider the power and impact of love in its simplest form: kindness. It’s got the potential to change the way we experience each other and ourselves. Her #MCM is a tie between Barack Obama and her boyfriend – so you already know she’s got great taste. In her mind, romance isn’t dead – though she says maybe it’s because of the ’90s R&B she’s been listening to.

5BOP, Nardstar

On Reloveolution…

She’s never had a conventional job and that all-in attitude is what motivated her to make a career as a graffiti and mural artist work. She’s always amped to collaborate with brands, locally and internationally – for her, it’s a good feeling to receive recognition from well-loved brands. You can see her work with Woolworths’ Reloveolution campaign at The Mall of Africa in Johannesburg.

Concrete Flower, Nardstar

On life…

Her advice to find inspiration is simple: take some down-time and refresh. When you feel overwhelmed by big projects? Break them down into small steps, get as much rest as you can and smash a Red Bull or two, just to be safe. She wouldn’t tell us any of the unspoken rules about being a graffiti artist, but she reckons the street art scene in Johannesburg is thriving.

Street Kings and Queens, Nardstar

Random facts: she doesn’t sing in the shower (because showers are super-quick due to water restrictions) and she doesn’t eat cereal because she’s not a fan of milk.

This straight-shooting artist has vision. Keep an eye out for her work at the aquarium (CPT), Constitution Hill (JHB), the V&A Waterfront (CPT) and wherever next she’s holding a can and a plan in her hand.

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