Struggling to decide what to watch and wary of binge trends? We’re here for you, with a round-up of four shows guaranteed to meet the smart girl’s entertainment needs. From fantasy to funny, these series will engage and entertain, as well as leaving you with a sense of time well spent.

1. Siren

With an estimated 95% of the ocean still to be explored, the idea that mermaids could be real doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Siren brings this idea to life, but reimagines these mythical creatures as refreshingly complex – dangerous, empathetic, exciting, and possibly behind the spike in crime in the sleepy seaside town of Bristol Cove. It’s a nice change from the ‘sexy mermaid’ trope we’re familiar with.

If you’re a fantasy lover, Siren is the series for you. There’s plenty of mystery and thrill, and each episode leaves you wanting more – the hallmark of a bingeable series. Plus it features Zimbabwean-South African actress Sibongile Mlambo. It’s also about mermaids – did I mention that?

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2. Succession

Now in its second season, Succession reflects the reality that money and power rule the world. A thrilling dramedy filled with dark humour and dark truths, it revolves around the lives of the ‘one percent’, and one powerful and wealthy family in particular. Expect conglomerate politics, wealthy dynasties, family feuds, cynicism and greed, as well as a voyeuristic glimpse into the world of the filthy rich – without that soap-opera cringe factor.

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3. Here and Now

Here and Now will definitely get you thinking. Well written and relevant to modern society, it tackles all those topics that we are technically free to discuss but that still remain sensitive. The series follows the lives of a multi-racial family living in Portland in the US. They are tested when one of their adopted children begins to show signs of what they believe to be schizophrenia. Each family member faces an intersection of relevant social challenges – from cultural and racial tensions, gender and sexual questioning, family dynamics and affairs, to crises of faith and spirituality. Each episode ends with enough suspense to have you ignoring your better judgment  at midnight and watching ‘just one more’. (It has a killer sound track, too.)

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4. Younger

Liza is a 40-something, recently divorced single mom whose ex-husband’s gambling debts have left her all but penniless. Told repeatedly that she has ‘too much experience’ for the jobs she applies for, she decides to pass herself off as a Millennial and nabs a job as an assistant in a media company. Pretending to be 26 obviously comes with its fair share of twists, turns and hilarious (for the viewer, at least) situations.

Even if you’re not usually into rom-com-style series, Younger deserves a watch. It’s refreshing, woman-positive, and portrays the ironies of being female in the world today. The characters are charming yet complex, and you’re more than happy to go along for the ride as they learn and grow. We all feel like impostors in one way or another as we navigate our lives, and Younger explores this idea perfectly.

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All of these series are available to stream now on Showmax.