After a rather dull previous week, except for Saturn moving forward, this week promises progressive changes in all areas of your life as the Sun trine Uranus brings innovative ideas. Venus trine Pluto brings personal magnetism – be aware of body language as it can show a lot. This is followed by the Lunar eclipse on the 18th enabling you to finally let go of anything not working for you… What an exciting week!


As your ideas are becoming more exciting and progressive, try not to make decisions too soon – the Lunar eclipse on Thursday will see your goals and visions taking you on a new innovation journey. Group energy is important – trust others to listen and give honest and worthwhile advice. You could easily find they are willing to join you. It is important you keep everyone in the loop so those close to you don’t feel isolated and unwanted. Even the healthiest Leos need to relax – a day at the spa will help.


You have some very interesting progressive ideas to change your work environment, your health and habits and when the eclipse ‘hits’ on Thursday you’ll find it easy to implement them. You may have to do a little soul searching first, but when you get your partner and family involved, you’ll find your life much easier to keep to a diet, give up smoking or other habits. Just be innovative and resourceful. Style? Go on, embrace the unexpected – if nothing else it’ll make you laugh.


Finding new and innovative solutions is your forte this week. Someone from a totally different background could offer unexpected help or advice in this unpredictable but exciting time.   You could see your life as a blank canvas or clean page ready for you to wield your paintbrush or pen, knowing that you can do and be anything you want. Just embrace the future with open arms. Warning, you are quite fertile at the moment so take extra precautions. Style? Be daring…


The lunar eclipse is in Aquarius and in order to feel really safe and secure you need to make your home a refuge, surrounded by your own special things – especially if finding the needs of your career and family particularly stressful. You will though have to take your responsibilities seriously while your unpredictable and innovative will add spice – follow the guidance of your own intuition so that everyone, especially your partner and family, feel supported. Style? The more flair you use this week, the better you’ll feel.


Listen to the Sun in trine to Uranus as it tells you to use your creative talents in the most innovative way possible in all areas of your life. The eclipse on Thursday encourages you to stay in touch with everyone, make sure your car is serviced and ready as you’ll be on the move, rushing between meetings, discussing ideas and betting ready to change your goals again… Someone’s action could be hurtful – don’t go there, but stand strong. A touch of red in your dress will help.


If you are considering a house move then you’d better start counting your money. Other family and domestic issues also need your innovative input but these cost money too. Check your investments and joint ventures – and pay off any loans or cheque card debt first. You could well be feeling uncertain about a close partnership, even marriage. If so, remember this is just the eclipse churning things up – consider very carefully before taking action. Perhaps you need some ‘me’ time?


All your relationships are activated by the Sun’s trine with Uranus bringing innovative and adventurous changes to your circumstances and latest ideas. This is quickly followed by the Lunar eclipse putting the emphasis on you and what you want from those close to you – and you’ll want to make all the decisions yourself. This eclipse also affects your career, how you think about yourself and your life in general – the results could be unexpected, but all to your advantage. Don’t stress – transformation is magical!


The Sun is in a wonderful trine with Uranus making it possible for your latest forward-looking and innovative ideas to take your life up a couple of notches, with financial independence as your key issue. Yes, the Lunar eclipse could well make you feel anxious at first but then you receive a break-through – and you become motivated, proud of your responsibilities and the influence you have on those around you. Don’t expect perfection – in you, your work or in anyone else… Watch your diet? No comfort food.


The Sun’s trine with Uranus is making you even more flamboyant, creative and fun than usual, expressing yourself in a new innovative way than usual as you bring romance into every area of your life. The eclipse on Thursday also sees you spending more time with friends, groups and associations, taking a more active lead especially in the decision making. Your finances go from strength to strength now too. You won’t want to sit back now – it’s time to act so make sure you get enough sleep and healthy food.


Unexpected events and opportunities will come this week, bringing change and disruption – but in the end you’ll find the independence you want especially in your long-term ambitions. Your home and family life could be affected with thoughts of a move. The best results is that your attitude towards problems changes as you find a new innovative way of dealing with them so embrace everything happens in a positive forward thinking way. Let this new confidence show in your clothes too.


Local and overseas trips and plans are taking up your time – and this is the right time to finalise them. The same goes for learning new skills and furthering your education. However, do you know what you want to make you happy and fulfilled? This deep soul searching could easily make you change your plans. It’s also time to let old unfulfilling relationships go as your forge stronger ties with both old and new friends. Trusting and sharing will help keep you healthy and less stressed.


With the Sun and Uranus bringing changes to your career and long-term ambitions you certainly won’t find your life boring, dull or peaceful! The outcome will ultimately be for the better even if you feel unsettled now. The eclipse is emphasizing joint ventures, finances, partnerships and your investments and as the financial world is still in turmoil, you need to be very careful. Don’t make decisions before you’ve consulted financial experts. Try to express your feelings so your emotions don’t run away with you.