This isn’t the easiest week for anyone as the Mercury/Neptune opposition is causing deception, misunderstandings and confusion. Keep a clear head, don’t over-react by walking out on a situation without knowing all the facts. Luckily Saturn will no longer be retrograde so from Saturday you’ll have a much clearer head and know which way to go.


Partnerships and joint ventures are under review while Mercury opposes Neptune – but although you may think someone is not being entirely honest, don’t over-react in an emotional way until you know all the facts and figures. This tension could also affect you at home with your family and loved ones so take time out to consider your actions – when Saturn moves forward at the end of the week you’ll have a far clearer idea of what to do. A softer approach to your outfits will help keep you relaxed.


Relationships are very confusing as those closest to you don’t seem to understand what you want – and you are equally muddled by what they have to say. Your best bet is not to make any firm decisions or allow your emotions to overcome your usual common sense. At the end of the week Saturn will no longer be retrograde when everything will become clear again, family issues sort themselves out and everyone relaxes in peace… Avoid wearing red or anything that looks aggressive!


Keep your activities as confidential as possible as discussing your ideas and thoughts will bring on misunderstandings, and you’ll be left confused and upset if you think everyone is criticizing you. Not even your family and friends will understand which brings even more tension to your domestic scene… This is just Mercury and Neptune in opposition – wait until the weekend when Saturn moves forward leaving you more confident and less stressed. When you look good, you feel good – so dress with luxurious confidence.


Let’s consider the very worst scenario this week… Failing to see danger, taking risks not just with money but perhaps with your car, having one too many drinks… Just be clear about what you are doing whether in business, associations, friends and even with your family. Luckily at the end of the week Saturn moves forward and will help clarify everything – meantime, keep your creativity to works of art rather than indulging in whatever tempts you next!


Property deals, family matters are confusing this week – probably not the right time to finalise any contracts. You could also find yourself in the middle of a family argument which rises out of nothing or perhaps with a colleague at work. This is all the result of the Mercury/Neptune opposition which encourages everyone to misunderstand exactly what is being said. Luckily Saturn is moving forward on Saturday bring clarity once more. Appreciate that looking good adds to your self-confidence without being OTT


There is every reason to celebrate at the end of the week when Saturn, your personal planet, moves forward, enabling you to put right any misunderstandings and errors that have been undermining your ideas, schemes and efforts. During the week you could still be bombarded with negative news – just keep calm and quietly plan your next move for Monday. Of course you aren’t ostentatious – but even so, wearing expensive, smart elegant clothes does wonders for your self-esteem.


Check your investments, finances and sort your taxes, especially if involved in a joint venture or partnership – better to be safe than sorry. However don’t over-react – Neptune is confusing everything early in the week but clarity will return when Saturn moves forward on Saturday. You’ll be helped by being part of a group rather than going it alone – combine logic with your intuition for best results. As there’s a need for movement and speed, keep your clothes casual – in your own innovative style.


So the Mercury/Neptune opposition is making you feel alone, full of self-pity? What are you going to do to add to your self-esteem if you can’t see how glamorous, appealing and spiritual you are? First, don’t panic! These feelings will dissipate over the week and when Saturn moves forward on Saturday you’re self-confidence will return, you’ll make your own decisions and start to receive the recognition and status you deserve. Meantime add a touch of red to your dress – and wear killer-heel-boots if necessary!


As Neptune is making you uncertain about what you want, your imagination will be working overtime, inventing scenarios and situation to fit how you feel… Don’t take any action that could put you in danger. Saturn moves forward at the end of the week when your life will be re-energized, you’ll have new understanding and insights, new people will come into your life helping to make your ideas a success. Meantime, the colour red is a no-no – think neutral at least until the weekend.


Feeling a bit disillusioned by a lack of financial rewards? Don’t over-react or panic as by the end of the week you’ll realise just how strong, upbeat you are. As your talents and skills are contributing to your success, enjoy being resourceful and creative in the knowledge that you are achieving everything you set out to do, expanding your horizons as you transform your life. Over-fussy clothes will add to your frustration early in the week – keep it simple.


Do what you can to avoid losing your cool as this could seriously damage your reputation – far better to keep quiet rather than push your views. This way you’ll avoid domestic and family arguments, errors in property deals and perhaps keep your keys and documents safe… Saturn’s move forward on Saturday will make it easier to reach agreement on most matters – and not only that, but your sense of humour will return too… Subtle colours will help early in the week – come Saturday let your butterfly colours sing…


Car trouble or finding yourself in a traffic jam are very probably this week. Don’t over-react or gesture your anger as this could lead to a really bad situation as everyone is feeling the effect of the Mercury/Neptune opposition. Turn on your favourite music, relax and calm your nerves. By Saturday Saturn will move forward and you’ll find your health improving, your hard work appreciated and could even have increased finances. Forget the aggressive business suit – try something a little softer this week.