We all want to live our best, most healthy life. Our wellbeing used to be the concern of the health industry, but today the wellness sector has become broader, and continues to grow, because of the surge in global interest. As 21st century life has become busier and the world smaller (thanks, globalisation!) many people are looking to make lifestyle changes that will help them to thrive.

Big brands and even celebrities such as Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow  have jumped on the bandwagon and have found ways to monetise interest in the wellness, driving sales and changing lifestyles in the process. Inserting jade eggs into your ‘yoni‘, drinking pureed vegetables and cupping doesn’t seem that unusual.


Pastime of the Privileged

While many wellness practices are based on ones dating back hundreds, even thousands, of years, these treatments, rituals and diets don’t come cheap. This means that the wellness trend is one that is followed by the wealthy and privileged. From pilates classes to ‘clean eating’, this costs money that your average South African just doesn’t have. Green juice and chakra healing definitely don’t earn a spot on their list of priorities.

So while the market for modern wellness trends might be small, the money to be made is big, as some people are willing to fork out a small fortune on the quest for unity and balance.


Wellness as an Epidemic

The wellness industry is a global one which is worth billions of dollars, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. From alternative medicine to wellness tourism, there are treatments available that supposedly cure any ailment and make us generally happier. It’s this desire for health and happiness, which many have been led to believe can’t be achieved with traditional medicine, that has created the wellness epidemic. Most of these treatments are not medically substantiated, or properly regulated. This has doctors frustrated as people could be doing more harm than good to their bodies. On the flip side, many converts to alternative lifestyles claim to feel the best they have in years.

Whether you are a devotee of the wellness trend or not, one thing’s for sure – it’s not going away anytime soon.