Meet the delightfully curious Hendrick’s Gin. Life is simply too short not to experience its gloriously peculiar flavour, created from an infusion of rose and cucumber in their remote Scottish distillery.

We spoke to their global brand ambassador, Ally Martin, who, together with Hendrick’s Gin, has made a special cocktail for Marie Claire readers. We’re also giving away two Secret Order gift sets – perfect for you and a friend.

Marie Claire: Which gin cocktail do you think epitomises the Marie Claire woman? Sophisticated, curious, intelligent?
Ally Martin: We came up with a cocktail specifically for the Marie Claire woman. Our cucumber and mint martini has cucumber, some elderflower cordial, a bit of fresh mint, a splash of bianco vermouth and, of course, Hendricks Gin, all shaken up together.

How does vermouth affect the flavour?
Vermouth is kind of a fortified wine, best described as a spicy wine. Not too fiery, quite dry, but adds an interesting complexity to the drink. Much like the Marie Claire woman!

Why gin? Tell us what’s unique about it? 
Gin is a hugely interesting and diverse spirit category, so there’s a whole range of different types of gin across the board, each with its own unique style. Hendrick’s is a really interesting style of gin because it kind of changed people’s concept of gin. Back in 1999 when we launched, there weren’t very many gins out there doing interesting things. We kind of changed the category a little bit.

Tell us something we don’t know about gin? A fun fact…
Juniper, gin’s main ingredient, was used as a contraceptive back in the Greek times.

We were really excited to find out that Hendrick’s Gin was developed by a woman! Tell us a little bit about Lesley Gracie: who is she and does her persona or character translate into the flavour of the gin?
Yeah, I think it does. She’s a very unusual and interesting character with a unique take on flavours. Her mind is constantly going off in different directions, which you can tell just by having a conversation with her! She’s hugely creative and I think the gin is definitely a manifestation of her character.

What do you think inspires her, or what is it about her environment or context that comes across in her work?
She has a huge interest in botany and plants, as well as flavours. She uses her greenhouses at the distillery quite frequently as a way to explore different types of flavours.

What cocktail would get us into the mood for a night out?
I think that the cucumber and mint martini that I gave you before is the perfect cocktail to get the Marie Claire woman into the mood for a night out. Alternatively, you could try something called the “flora dora”. It’s all the way from the early 1900’s and contains a little bit of raspberry syrup, some lime juice and ginger beer, alongside a healthy dash of Hendrick’s Gin.

The Perfect Cocktail for a Sophisticated, Curious, Intelligent Woman

This delicious Cucumber and Mint Martini is quick and simple to make. Try it at your next dinner party or for a sneaky treat at brunch.


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What is the name of the cocktail that Ally Martin and Hendrick’s Gin created for Marie Claire?

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