An unsettling week despite starting off well with Venus, Mercury and Jupiter all conjunct as Venus moves into Libra making you look and feel wonderful – but then Mercury moves retrograde making you worry about your health and over-fussing about your work… The Solar eclipse on the night of 1st August is conjunct the Saturn/Neptune square adding to your stress levels… Stay calm, use this week to bring inner strength – next week will be much better!


The Mercury, Venus and Jupiter conjunction will make you feel and look wonderful – but Mercury is about to move retrograde on Tuesday when you’ll be critical, combatant and seek perfection in everything… Venus’s move into Libra will help you see the beauty in everything. The Solar eclipse should renew your energy but as it’s caught up in the Saturn/Neptune square, your bet is to lie low and wait… A luxurious body massage will help calm your nerves.


The conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter with Venus, as the latter moves in your own sign, means you can expect a couple of peaceful harmonious days – but then the Solar eclipse activates the Saturn/Neptune square, rather than making you feel strong will cause frustration as communication becomes muddled and you feel out of control. Work on your own and wait a couple of days for everything to improve. Don’t become irritated by your partner and family – organize a girls night out or update your wardrobe. It works wonders!


The conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, as the latter moves into Libra, makes you feel inspired to organize social events, join a new group, with your partner being your best supportive friend. But then the Solar eclipse conjuncts the Saturn/Neptune square and suddenly no-one wants to co-operate, leaving you feeling unwanted, frustrated and disheartened… Don’t be – just relax, don’t argue or burst into tears. Instead, wait quietly, using your creative talents. You actually enjoy a little drama – use it in your dress.


As your personal planet Jupiter conjuncts Mercury and Venus, as the latter moves into Libra, you are favourably noticed by everyone listening to you, noticing not only your talents but your charm and beauty too. Sadly the Solar eclipse joins with the Saturn/Neptune square causing unexpected problems to arise at home and at work. Keep a low profile rather than being a drama queen as someone could get upset by even an innocent remark. Don’t stress – it will be all fine by next week!


Early in the week you’ll be positive, friendly, chatting to people all over the world. You’ll be open to new ideas and concepts, planning your next holiday or trip. But then arrive the Solar eclipse joining with the Saturn/Neptune square – you’ll feel stressed but as you have such great inner strengths you’ll soon feel up-beat and in command again, knowing exactly what you want. You might even decide to further your studies. This is the time for you to let others take control while you chill…


Using your innovative ideas happily helps you to make money and increase your finances through joint ventures and common goals. But then the Solar eclipse arrives, conjoining the Saturn/Neptune square and putting doubts into your mind… Suddenly you worry that you are about to lose everything. Wait, don’t make drastic changes but wait a few days as by next week you’ll be back to your usual positive, resourceful self.   Avoid stimulants this week – too much sugar, caffeine or alcohol would make you feel worse.


Enjoy feeling the love surrounding you from everyone – your family, partner, colleagues and friends and bask in feeling beautiful, charming, co-operative and helping everyone smile. The Solar eclipse joined by the Saturn/Neptune square will probably turn this happy week into one of insecurity as you don’t know what to do next… Don’t fall into the self-pity trap but stay as cool, calm as you can as by next week you’ll be back to your positive self once more.


The week starts on a high with everyone happy, good humoured at work no matter how busy you are. The more methodical and organized you are the easier it’ll be to stay fit and unstressed when the Solar eclipse joins the stressful Saturn/Neptune square. This could bring travel delays – and it becomes vital you don’t get angry as losing your cool will only make matters worse. Your family will also be stressed by the eclipse so do what you can to relax. Exercise will help – and don’t comfort eat!


With your personal planet, Venus, conjunct Mercury and Jupiter your life will be happy, romantic as you attract everyone to you. Venus then moves into Virgo when décor, design and renovations could take on new impetus – and also says this is the perfect time for a beauty treatment or new hairstyle. This could help you overcome the negatives of the Solar eclipse co-joining the Saturn/Neptune square later in the week when you allies and friends seem to desert you. Everything will be better next week – meantime avoid flu…


Your family and home are the source of your greatest pleasure and your influence grows by the day. If thinking of moving home, negotiating a new lease or purchasing a property, this is a good time to start. But then the Solar eclipse conjunct the Saturn/Neptune square will make you feel disillusioned about your home and other goals – don’t make quick decisions as everything will look better next week. Stay as self-sufficient as you can as Mercury is retrograde – your emotions are working over-time…


A busy week racing between meetings, sharing information and ideas but then Mercury moves retrograde making it harder to make a decision, scattering your mind in many directions. Finally the Solar eclipse joins the Saturn/Neptune square so it’ll be even harder to make any necessary changes. Looking after your health and fitness levels will help keep your emotions in check. Shedding too many tears is not your best bet this week – and will be exacerbated by too many stimulants….


Finance and your core values are at the centre of your life this week – but when Mercury moves retrograde, followed by the Solar eclipse joining the Saturn/Neptune square, money worries raise their head. All you can is remain very alert regarding your investments, joint ventures and partnerships. Don’t take any unnecessary risks at this time. Do consider honing or learning a skill to make you more marketable… Things become clear next week – meanwhile a touch of the dramatic in your style will help keep your spirits up.