This is the week to focus on the stability, balance and strength offered by the Sun in Taurus before it moves into Gemini on the 21st. The move into entertaining but very fickle Gemini coincides with the Full Moon which can be a little unsettling but next day the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, will no longer be retrograde, making communicating your ideas easier -though whether or not you stick to your plans will be an entirely different matter!


Your personal star quality is shining brightlythe perfect opportunity to shower good will and affection on to your friends and colleagues as on the 21st the Sun moves out of your sign into Gemini along with the Full Moon. The good news is that this helps ensure your finances are on an upward swing and so increasing your self-confidence and esteem. You don’t have to tell anyone your personal affairs as not everyone is honest or honourable… Style? Quality rather than bling is needed this week.


Use this week, while the Sun is still in Taurus, to gain as much inner strength and determination as possible by using your strong intuition to find answers. The end of the week sees the Sun moving into Gemini along with the Full Moon. You’ll be in more playful mood – but there could be a few relationship arguments. These probably aren’t serious but will help clear the air as well as your own mind. Let your flirtatious chatty personality re-appear – variety is still your way to express yourself.


You friends, family and associates are all helping you so you should soon see your finances being lifted any time now… There is still time to make new contacts, do some successful networking while ensuring you’re on good terms with your colleagues before the end of the week. When the Sun moves into Gemini on the 21st you’ll become more spiritual and intuitive in your approach. Try to avoid arguments on the 21st as it’s also Full Moon. Just stay cool and relaxed – in your dress too.


Success is in everything you do as you see your aims coming to fruition. But what about your dreams? Think about them this week, look at all aspects of your life and decide what should be your next adventure… At the end of the week the sun moves into Gemini, along with the Full Moon, when you’ll find your friends, family and associates ready to join you. Avoid over-indulgence this weekend or you could suffer more than just a headache… Style? Think colour.


The opportunities are there – but have you taken advantage of them? Think quickly for the rest of the week before the Sun moves into Gemini and your long-term ambitions take over from everything else. The Full Moon encourages arguments with colleagues or family members – try side-stepping. Concentrate on reaching your dreams – perhaps through giving more help to others as this will certainly help your reputation. Style? Relax chic – keep your classical look for next week…


Concentrate, research and be totally determined in as practical a way as possible in order to succeed financially, in joint ventures and partnerships – this means not taking risks but being extra attentive in business deals, contracts as well as in your love relationship. Keep your feet firmly on the ground in order to achieve greatest prosperity. Life becomes much easier when the Sun moves into Gemini from the 21st – though the Full Moon could bring arguments. Show your softer side in your dress style this week.


If your social calendar isn’t as full as it should be, then you still have a few days to make sure all your friends and colleagues are on your wave length – it’s up to you to provide the love and harmony. This will ensure your career and finances are moving upwards too. However, don’t get over-tired? Keep to a sensible health routine to avoid sore throats. At the end of the week the Sun moves into Gemini when you’ll need the co-operation of everyone – especially when it comes to your finances.


Of course you know you can achieve everything, have it all – but there is still some tension. As your house of work and health is still active, don’t delay in getting your health regime in order, your work routine organized so you have more time to indulge in all the activities you really enjoy… Do this before the end of the week when the Sun moves into Gemini as you’ll need all your energy for increased social activities, love and romance…Wear clothes to lift your spirits and makes you shine…





Saturn, your personal planet, is arguing with Jupiter this week and could slow down your progress, stopping you achieve the success you deserve. Don’t be arrogant or exaggerate – just focus on your inner strengths knowing you’ll get there even if it taking longer than you’d hoped. Take time out for fun and to use your creative talents – this could lead to an offer of that ideal job when the Sun moves into Gemini at the weekend. Discussions will help clear the air – be open to all ideas.


Your domestic scene as well as your career are both active, great if you work from home but exciting opportunities are on their way for all Aquarians. A new painting, plant or favourite coffee mug will make you feel comfortable but energized at work – also discuss renovations and décor ideas at home too as you’ll get more than usual co-operation from everyone. This will be welcome if your energy levels are a bit low. The Sun’s move into Gemini brings more social events – and boosts your creative talents.


According to the Taurus Sun along with many retrograde planets, you need to work slowly, patiently and perfectly – try not to do too much too quickly? Jupiter, your career planet, is in hard aspect to Saturn making a balance between your personal goals difficult to find. This won’t last long as at the end of the week the Sun moves into Gemini when you’ll find both your career and home life picking up. Let your family pamper you for a change! Use your empathic healing talents on your friends and family.


Are you reaping the rewards of the yearly financial peak? Mars, your personal planet, is retrograde and Jupiter is in hard aspect to your career planet, Saturn so you could be narrowing your focus rather than considering every opportunity and possibility. This won’t last long and when the Sun move into Gemini at the end of the week you’ll be ready for your ideas to take full advantage of all the latest information. Style-wise, try not to be too OTT – understated casual would be better…