Every month we bring you 10 reasons why you need to get your hands on our latest issue – and March is no different. Packed with gorgeous fashion to inspire you for the upcoming colder months, insider beauty tips from the best in the industry, and brilliant features well worth a read, our March Image Makers Issue is a must.

1. Lovely Lupita

Have you seen our cover star? She is as positive and inspiring as she is beautiful, and she has recently taken the world by storm (quite literally travelling the globe) promoting her latest (and very highly anticipated) movie, Black Panther, in which she plays fearless Wakandan warrior Nakia. Read more about her, her life in Kenya and Mexico, and her beauty secrets in our interview.

2. Filtering the need-to-know

Each month, Edwain Steenkamp curates pages filled with fresh and interesting content. This month, you can expect to read about a group of women in Zimbabwe who went from a life of vulnerability to becoming Akashinga, the brave ones, protecting Zimbabwe’s wildlife from poachers; a prime minister who is normalising maternity leave for high-powered women; and Germany’s new Wage Transparency Act.

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel

3. The autumn edit

Our fashion team has put together 18 ways you can be inspired to transform your wardrobe from summer to autumn.

Red is all the rage
Image supplied

The beret is back
Image supplied

4. Your make-up questions answered

…by some of South Africa’s top make-up artists. Everything you need to know, from finding the perfect concealer to wearing make-up with spectacles, is condensed into four must-read pages.

5. Skin solutions

Our beauty team weighs in on the industry’s best cleansers, why they’re an important step in your beauty routine and why micellar water is such a big thing.

The Micellar Water

6. Alexandre de Betak is the fashion runway magician

Ever wonder how the runway shows at fashion week ALWAYS look like they are from another world? Well, the answer is in our Reportage pages.

7. Image makers

This month, we dedicated our issue to those behind-the-scenes of all things fashion and beauty. ‘You’ve seen their work, admired their photographs, appreciated their styling and gasped with delight over their designs.’ From iconic photographers, make-up artists, fashion designers and hairstylists to the new guard following in their footsteps, read about South Africa’s top talent.

Credit: Ulrich Knoblauch

8. Relationship report

Every wondered if your relationship patterns are healthy? Are you avoidant? Or overly anxious? Find out your individual attachment style, and learn how you can change your habits to have a healthier, more secure relationship.

9. Do you remember Lacoste?

Yes? No? Vaguely? Well, their iconic golf shirt is back. Danielle Viljoen shows you how to modernise this wardrobe staple.

Credit: Katinka Bester/Hero Creative Management

10. A free trip to Victoria Falls

Fancy escaping to Victoria Falls for an all-expenses paid trip for two? Yes? Us too. All you have to do is buy the March issue, read your way through to page 112 and enter here. Simple as that.

The Marie Claire March issue is on shelves, at leading retail stores, now.