All you need to convince you that the May issue of Marie Claire should be added to your shopping cart, stat.

1. Our exclusive biography story on Meghan Markle

We’re all fascinated by the royal family, right? We all watched The Princess Diaries and The Prince & Me and fantasised about a prince from a foreign land falling deeply in love with us and becoming a princess. This is perhaps why Meghan Markle, an actor from humble (read: normal) beginnings, is one of the most watched and admired women in the world right now. She bagged Prince Harry! Esteemed royal biographer, Andrew Morton, gives us a glimpse into Megan and her history like we have never seen before. This detailed extract from the new book is exclusive to Marie Claire. 

2. Filtering what you should know

From female soldiers who still have to ‘prove’ their virginity and Amelia Earhart Barbie doll from Mattel, to the Rwandan government leading the way in representation, empowerment and transparency in Africa, this month’s Filter pages will blow you away with information that you’re unlikely to read on your Insta feed.

3. Trendy sneakers

Hello chunky, bulky and fat sneakers. There is a new trend in town and it’s probably also the most comfortable of them all!

4. Korean beauty

K-beauty is having a moment right now. If you’re a YouTube make-up tutorial kind of person you would have noticed the plethora of uploads dedicated to the beauty trend. Korean beauty is all about phenomenal skincare – and this month we show you how to get skin as smooth as glass, called skin glazing. It’s so effective you won’t need a jot of make-up.

5. Find out all you need to know about high-tech skincare

The science behind skincare is always an interesting read – and makes the rigmarole of your skincare regimen so worth it. Enter, tech care: groundbreaking technological innovations in skincare that range from fat-freezing to facial needles (derma rolling).

5. Visit the city of widows

In India, widowed women are considered as shameful outcasts within their communities – including their immediate families – often forced into sex work to survive. The holy town of Vrindavan is one of the only places where they can seek refuge, and find sisterhood and safety.

6. We bust the the happiness myth

Stop chasing happiness! Everyone wants to be happy, yes, but when did it become practise to hunt happiness? Writer Jade Taylor Cooke puts it best: ‘Happiness – that wholly subjective, completely abstract concept – has become the goal of the modern age.’ This is a great read!

7. Fashion and beauty combine for total inspiration

Because no look is complete unless it’s completed. Our fashion and beauty teams collided this month to bring you a magnificent 20-page spread, giving you absolutely all the fashion and beauty head-to-toe inspiration you need.

8. It’s finally the season for knitwear – here’s the 101 on how to wear them

Winter is here!! Finally, warm jerseys, polo necks and booties. Fashion assistant Danielle Viljoen puts together a refreshing shoot, exemplifying how many ways you can wear your knits this season – and not just with jeans.

9. Would you want to live forever?

Not me. But clearly it’s important to some – this article delves into the world of ‘life extensionists’, those who will stop at nothing to live to past 100 years old – or (ideally) forever.

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