To deal with the childhood angst of moving between countries – from Sweden to Gambia and back again – Seinabo Sey started singing to channel her thoughts and feelings, dealing with what was going on around her in a deeply personal and creative way. In 2015, she plunged into the music world when she released her debut album Pretend, which sealed her fate as a musical talent. During the past year, she has dropped several singles, which we cannot stop listening to, making her the ultimate singer to beat any winter blues.


One of the tracks that secured Seinabo international acclaim, and still a winner even after many years.

Hard Time

Powerful lyrics and a powerful message make this track moving and universal.


A visual masterpiece, the music video proves she is more than just a musical talent.

I Owe You Nothing

Perhaps one of the best tracks from the young artist recently, ‘I Owe You Nothing’ is a feel-good, upbeat anthem.


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